22.10.2022 - The Ossuary on tour with 'Oltretomba'
The Ossuary Tour

Italy's THE OSSUARY are currently playing live again. Visit their Italian tour dates!

We have the limited box set version of "Oltretomba", all three albums on vinyl and CD in stock. Please visit our store:

Check out the video for "Ratking" and other amazing songs here:

17.10.2022 - Thronehammer start the second leg of 'Incantation Rites' tour
Thronehammer Tour 2022

Thronehammer will start their tour with a secret gig today!

The band will have a reissued vinyl version of 'Incantation Rites' with them throughout the tour. So go and get some, and first and most important of all - support the band on this tour by visiting the shows!

Thank you!

17.10. GER Nürnberg - Secret Gig
18.10. GER Lepizig - Bermude Dreieck
19.10. GER Hamburg - Fundbureau
20.10. GER Berlin - Tommyhaus
21.10. AUT Dornbirn - Schlachthaus
22.10. GER Neugablonz - Out Of The Crypt Festival/Fun Factory
19.11. GER Würzburg - Hammer Of Doom Festival

If you want to order 'Incantation Rites' you can do this here:

29.07.2022 - Perish „The Decline“ full album stream
Perish - The Decline full album stream

Chaos Crew!

Today 6:30pm the channel Black Metal Promotion will stream the full album of Perish with a beautiful player:
Album stream at BMP Youtube

You can find all version of the album in our SHOP.

Thanks for your amazing support!

Robby // SCR

12.07.2022 - Perish „The Decline“ new release date 29-07-2022
Perish - The Decline new release date

Chaos Crew!

Unfortunately the pressing plant told us, that most of the vinyl variants of the Perish album will have a delay of 2 weeks. Black vinyl has already arrived at our warehouse.

So we will postpone the release of „The Decline“ to the 29th of July 2022. To shorten the wait we will unleash a video for the track „Joyless“ next Tuesday July, 19th! The video has just been shot a few days again and we are really curious about the result as well.

In the next days we will also share some pictures of the vinyl version. It looks absolutely gorgeous. So please check the preorder option in our SHOP.

Thanks for your amazing support!

Robby // SCR

28.06.2022 - Perish premiere lyric video for "Hopeless"

Chaos Crew!

Perish have premiered the lyric video for "Hopeless". If you are into any kind of black / death metal with Scandinavian influences... „Hopeless“ is the most atmospheric and desperate song of the PERISH debut album "The Decline" to be released July 15th on Supreme Chaos Records in various format.

Please preorder in our SHOP.

Direct link to the video:

Robby // SCR

27.05.2022 - Phantom Corporation "The Abyss" lyric video premiere
The Abyss video premiere

Chaos Crew!⁠

We will premiere the lyric video for "The Abyss" from Phantom Corporation on our youtube channel 6pm today!⁠

Vinyl for the split relase with Harrowed from Sweden is shipping already, CD to follow.⁠

Watch here (and subcribe)


You may order the split here:

.Robby // SCR⁠

P.S.: Harrowed will play in the Netherlands this weekend on Graveland festival 28th of May - check them out!⁠

22.05.2022 - Classical composer Bernhard Gander to work with Suprem Chaos Records
Bernhard Gander

Chaos Crew!

We hereby announce our collaboration with Bernhard Gander.

This is a very unique project and we will reveal more details step by step.

Bernhard Gander is an Austrian composer of modern classical music.

As you might guess from the tatoos he is a metal fan at heart and you will wonder how this all goes together.

That is a story we will tell you with the help of some other, talented musicians and Mr. Gander himself.

This has been a thrilling experience so far, worlds collide and something new is created.

Currently Bernhard is already active with the next big project. Classic music is all about premieres and live appearance first.
And his new project also touches our heart. It has been premiered in Munich at the Biennale and will have it's next and very important live presentation at the Berlin Opera house.
The German title is "Lieder von Vertreibung und Nimmerwiederkehr" which translates into "Songs of exile and no return". It tells the oppressive story of refugees, a topic that is more topical than ever at the moment. This opera is completed by texts by Ukrainian lyricist Serhij Zhadan and it is purely conceptional, the viewers will be part of the role play with the same seating and located inside the play.

All Music will be played by Ensemble Modern, one of the leading modern orchestras/ensembles.
More details and tickets here:

Please take care, read about the content of the opera in the link (also German version available).

I know, you might be confused now. But be assured, this will all make sense in the future...

.Robby // SCR

Picture credit: Helmut Scham

08.05.2022 - Phantom Corporation / Harrowed Split up for preorder
Phantom Corporation / Harrowed

Chaos Crew!

We already have received this release from the factory, a top notch production split 12" album. This one rocks.

SCR is proud to have both bands involved, we are eagerly looking forward to the Harrowed live shows this month... and there is more coming from at least one of the bands via Supreme Chaos Records.

About the bands:

The Bremen/Ruhrpott scene veterans PHANTOM CORPORATION smash a crusty bastard of crusty death metal and thrash into your ears. The 4 songs all go forward, Leif Jensen (ex-Dew-Scented) tortures his organ to the extreme and sends you immediately into the pit.
Jens from Slaughterday / Temple of Dread was brought on board as a guest for the Kreator cover "Take Their Lives".
The PC tracks were produced and recorded by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio (God Dethroned, Suicidal Angels etc.).

HARROWED from Stockholm lump together the best of good old Swedish death metal and let the energy and unpolishedness of the early days shine through, so that you immediately reminisce. The musicians are no strangers to the scene due to their activities with Dead Lord and Morbus Chron, among others.

Single will be permiering on Monday, May 8th on our youtube channel:
(Please subscribe!)

Preorder now in our SHOP

.Robby // SCR

29.04.2022 - New Carnal Ghoul singles feat. Leif Jensen and David R. Kreft
Chaos Crew!

Two CARNAL GHOUL singles have been released today and we are very happy to reveal the song "Minion" with David R. Kreft (Soulburn, Graceless, ex-Grand Supreme Bloodcourt) filling in for the vocal duties.

Listen to the song "Minion" here:

The second song has been released earlier as well, "Ravenous" with our dear friend Leif Jensen, also Phantom Corporation, ex-Dew-Scented, who is lending his voice for this straight forward killer! Sven would have loved this track for sure...

Listen to "Ravenous" here:

Get CARNAL GHOUL records and merch IN OUR SHOP

Enjoy some death metal this weekend!
.Robby // SCR

21.04.2022 - New NOCTE OBUDCTA album announced
Nocte Obducta

What do old men (SCR included) do when they can't stop playing music? They announce a new album:

Dear congregation,

firmly established in our faith, sufficiently occidentally dovetailed and appropriately quirky, we may finally inform you that the work on our forthcoming album has been completed, not only musically but also in terms of design. From now on, Supreme Chaos Records, the pressing plants and our Lord and Saviour will decide when "Karwoche - Die Sonne der Toten pulsiert" will be released. Here are the titles for you:

A1: Sun of the Dead
A2: Three murdered summers
A3: Holy Week
A4: Birch Pitch
B1: Blood moon nemesis
B2: Conamara Chaos
B3: Balder
B4: Black beer and figs

We will provide you with some sound snippets in due course.

Have a nice crucifixion

Your Nocte dudes

13.04.2022 - Carnal Ghoul - “Church Of Dead Eyes” feat. Dave Ingram (Benediction)

Chaos Crew!

We hereby present the first single “Church Of Dead Eyes” from the coming Carnal Ghoul album “Back From The Vault” featuring Dave Ingram from Benediction!

This song is a true banger and Daves voice fits perfectly!

Preorder is now open in our SHOP
(please note the Svenson single and Phantom Corporation/Harrowed split is online as well)

And do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for future releases!

Robby // SCR

12.04.2022 - Carnal Ghoul - Back From The Vault - First teaser

Chaos Crew!

We have just released the first teaser for the upcoming CARNAL GHOUL album "Back From The Vault".

But this first teaser raises a question: Who is singing the song?
Make your thoughts, write your guess on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram in the comments!

Tomorrow we'll have the solution and the whole song. We will also start the pre-order for the album tomorrow.

Robby // SCR

02.03.2022 - Perish release single "Soulless" with video

Hey there Chaos Crew,⁠

Today the first PERISH single "Soulless" will be released including a lyric video.⁠

Also this marks the start of the preorder for this album in all of its versions!⁠

You will find the album in our SHOP.

Link in bio!⁠

Robby // SCR⁠

10.02.2022 - New signing: Perish
New signing: Perish

When being introduced to the music of Perish I was immediately on fire. A fine blend from various forms of black metal combined with great songwriting, astonishing musicianship and an interesting concept.⁠
Also I have been knowing the musicians behind this musical extreme kind of explorations for years, even decades.⁠
We have already been working in the back about the release which will see the light of the earth late summer 2022.⁠

Soon we will be able to present you the first excerpt from this album, pre-order will start at the same time.⁠

Stay tuned. All hails Perish!⁠

Robby // SCR⁠

10.12.2021 - Rotten Casket preorder for "First Nail in the Casket"
Rotten Casket Preorder

Hey there chaos crew,

Finally we can start with the preorder for the CD version of the first piece of music from old school death metal monster Rotten Casket since a long time. This earthy, filthy bastard will be released early 2022.

With two members from the mighty Asphyx, Martin van Drunen with his merciless Vocals and Stefan "Husky" Hüskens with his typical drumming, Yorck Segatz from legendary Sodom shredding the HM2 tunes out of the guitar, Patrick van der Beek giving the low tunes on bass and remaining original member Frank Bergesson on guitar this tank is starting to roll again.

The first nail in the casket will not be the last!

Available versions:
- Jewelcase
- Handnumbered digipak edition, limited to 300 copies
- Special bundle with handnumbered digipak edition (100 out of the 300) and cover shirt
- Vinyl out via Lycanthropic Chants

Preoder in our SHOP

Link to the video and other sources:

Now crawl back into your coffin for this weekend - Cheers
Robby // SCR

14.11.2021 - Shirt Sunday at Supreme Chaos Records

Hey there Chaos Crew,

It’s Shirt Sunday at Supreme Chaos Records. All orders with the vinyl edition of the new amazing The Ossuary album „Oltretomba“ plus all other orders above 30 € (excl. shipping) will include a free Supreme Chaos Records Shirt. You just have to add your shirt size in the comment field when finishing your order.

I have also made a little update video but it is in German language, sorry English speakers!

Please subscribe to our youtube channel Supreme Chaos Records - thanks!

Robby // SCR

29.10.2021 - The Ossuary present new music video "Ratking"

Hey there Chaos Crew,

THE OSSUARY have premiereed the music video for ‘Ratking’ today. This very special piece of art has been illustrated by Costin Chioreanu who also worked for Opeth, Ghost, Katatonia, Mayhem, Carcass and many more. Along with the video the song is released as digital advance single.

THE OSSUARYs new album “Oltretomba” will be released November 12th on various formats including an heavy wooden box set which is produced in collaboration with a local sheltered workshop.

The third album from the Italian doom rockers tells of the various abysses of the human being, sometimes touching occult realms creating its own niche in hard rock, pairs the classic twin guitars with an earthy sound, classic rock elements with a certain proximity to the prog of the 70s are celebrated here with fresh power. Authenticity is placed above all common conventions.

Once again, the Italians THE OSSUARY consistently pursue and refine their own ideal of songs that make the dead dance. And it is a damn cool party, on which "Oltretomba" takes us here.

You can preorder the album in our SHOP

Robby // SCR

20.09.2021 - Carnal Ghoul sign with Supreme Chaos Records
Carnal Ghoul

Hey there Chaos Crew,⁠

Carnal Ghoul sign with Supreme Chaos Records. As said I wanted to leave the first statements to the band.

But now it is time to announce this collaboration in releasing a monument for an amazing shouter and great, warm-hearted guy.

Together with Carnal Ghoul we will release the album Sven has been working on with the band when he has lost his battle against cancer.⁠

We want to release this album in honor to Svenne.⁠

Therefor all tracks have been completed by 11 amazing shouters from the scene!⁠

I really do think this is the way Sven himself would have wanted us to save the album from being forgotten and getting lost in some dusty attic.⁠

Sven - wherever you are, my friend - this will be for you!⁠

Robby // SCR⁠

Carnal Ghoul on:

17.09.2021 - Thronehammer - Incantation Rites Box Sets
Thronehammer Incantation Rites Box Sets

Hey there Chaos Crew,

We are finally shipping the first box sets of Thronehammer. We had numerous problems with the manufacturing. We are truly sorry for the horrible delay. With our move to the new headquarters we have built a workshop for our DIY boxsets we are doing in collaboration with the local workshop for disabled people.

We have learned a lot and still have to learn. Every box set project is completely different from the one before. With the next productions we will also take in account the drastically increased production times. Also the chaos team has grown to an amazing family with lots of new members which will enable us to act and ship faster in the future.

We are thankful for your understanding and patience.

You can find more Thronehammer merch in our SHOP

Robby // SCR

12.09.2021 - New releases coming

Hey there Chaos Crew,

We have new releases coming. One of the artists is not what you might expect from us. It is a new experience for us and I am pretty sure that there has never been a musical project like this before.

I am proud that we were approached to release this.

Curious? We will reveal more and more details.

Have a nice sunday,
Robby // SCR

30.08.2021 - Nocte Obducta recording new album
Nocte Obducta recording at Ultraton studios

Hey there Chaos Crew,

Not long after the release of "Irrlicht", Nocte Obducta are currently working in studio working on their next full album. The recordings at Ultraton studios are progressing.
The band stated that the album could have been released in the late nineties. So expect a Nocte Obducta record that is even more back to their first albums but also could have been part of the Nektar series.

We are really looking forward to have our hands on this new record.

Robby // SCR

27.08.2021 - New Arroganz single "Lusatian grimness" with video

Hey there Chaos Crew,

Arroganz release video and digital single of a new song. “Lusatian grimness” will be the bonus track for the first-time-ever vinyl release of the bands debut album “dark and deathless”.

Now enjoy and then order "dark and deathless" in our SHOP

Robby // SCR

21.08.2021 - 20 Years Of Chaos open air festival - Introducing CRONE

Moin Ihr Chaoten,

First of all sorry to English people, I will do this in German as attendees of our Fest will be almost 100% German. Also it is easier for me to write down the stories, personal connections and motivations to have a band at our 20 years anniversary. So I kindly ask you to use deepl or google translate. Thank you for your understanding.

Es sind nur noch 2 Wochen. Ich wollte Euch ja eigentlich schon länger die Bands unseres Jubiläums-Festivals vorstellen. Zunächst eine Bemerkung - vereinzelt gibt es noch Karten in unserem Shop - aber wir sind weitestgehend ausverkauft.

Da dieses Jahr viele Bands nicht oder nur wenig proben konnten, die Situation zur Anreise von Musikern außerhalb der EU unklar war (Stichwort Thronehammer und Brexit) musste ich auch Bands einschließen, die nicht auf Supreme Chaos Records gesigned sind aber die eine mehr oder weniger enge Beziehung zu mir persönlich und / oder zur Geschichte des Labels haben.

20 Years Of Chaos - Introducing CRONE

Die Wahl auf CRONE aus Osnabrück ist nicht nur aufgrund ihrer engen Verbindung zu Secrets Of The Moon gefallen. Phil möge es mir verzeihen, wenn ich das hier für mich persönlich aufdrösele. Die Band entstand, weil sich Phil musikalisch und auch lyrisch außerhalb des Universums von SOTM weiterentwickeln wollte. SOTM wären hier für unser Festival zwar theoretisch die logischere Wahl gewesen, zumal sich alte Bande die z.T. ebenfalls über ca. 20 Jahre bestehen in den letzten Jahren gefestigt haben, aber da kommt zum einen die Corona-Situation ins Spiel, zum anderen gibt es auch hier eine sehr freundschaftliche Beziehung mit anderen Bandmitgliedern.

Die tieftraurigen Lyrics, die zugleich auch hier und da Hoffnung in sich tragen machen CRONE zu etwas Besonderem.

Die Entstehung der Band fällt ziemlich genau mit meinem Umzug in die Nähe von Osnabrück. So hat sich auch die Freundschaft zu Phil gestärkt, zugleich lernte ich Markus (Drums) kennen, nicht zuletzt bei vielen Konzerten im Osnabrücker Bastard-Club sind wir uns über den Weg gelaufen, aber auch bei privaten Feiern.
Dann lernte ich noch durch einen Zufall den ex-Gitarristen Pascal kennen (Shirt bei uns im Shop bestellt, ich hab es auf dem Weg zur Arbeit bei ihm in den Briefkasten gestopft). Dann ist da Daniel am Bass. Spielt mittlerweile auch bei Iron Walrus, der Band von Bastard-Chef Schnalli, der ja auch ab und an bei mir arbeitet. Daniel hab ich aber auch erst privat auf den Feiern kennengelernt.

Ich freu mich drauf, den (teilweise neu hinzugestoßenen) Rest kennenzulernen.

Die Band war gerade im Studio aktiv und hat bereits wieder neues Material aufgenommen, unter anderem mit Sängerin Kirsten. Und ebenjene wird auch bei uns zum ersten Mal mit der Band auf der Bühne stehen, es gibt also neue Songs zu hören.

Es wird ein ganz besonderer Auftritt der Band, die wir nun als Auflockerung zwischen unsere beiden Death Kapellen gepackt haben. Aber irgendwie sind CRONE von der Grund-Stimmung der Musik gar nicht so unpassend.

Ich jedenfalls freue mich immer mehr über abwechslungsreiche Line-ups als zig stilistisch gleiche Bands hintereinander zu packen. Ich hoffe, Ihr seht das genauso!?

Als nächstes widmen wir uns ASPHYX.

Die Tickets findet Ihr in unserem SHOP.

Schönes Wochenende Euch allen.

Voller Vorfreude,
Robby // SCR

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06.08.2021 - Arroganz are releasing their debut "dark and deathless" on vinyl
Arroganz to release 'dark and deathless' on vinyl.

Hey there Chaos Crew,

Our East German buddies Arroganz have reworked their debut album "dark and deathless" for the upcoming vinyl release which will also include a bonus track and completely new artwork.

You may preorder this beat which will be released as splatter vinyl edition, black and white vinyl.

Arroganz records, CDs and merchandise can be ordered in our

Robby // SCR

11.07.2021 - New The Ossuary video "Devils In The Night Sky"
Devils In The Night Sky Video

Hey there chaos crew,

Our Italien rockers THE OSSUARY will publish a new video and digital single on July 12th. "Devils In The Night Sky" is another twist towards a more psychedelic approach of the bands sound which is becoming more and more unique.

We are really looking forward to the third album from the band which already received some great feedback from the press and even some fans.

Robby // SCR

10.06.2021 - Wolves In The Throne Room exclusive moss green double vinyl
Wolves In The Throne Room - Primordial Arcana exclusive vinyl

Hey there Chaos Crew,⁠

We feel honored. We present you hereby an exclusive version of the upcoming WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM album "Primordial Arcana". Unlike the black version this one comes as noble double vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve.⁠

The moss green color fits the artwork and topic and is limited to 200 copies only.⁠

There are only few colored vinyl editions of the new album.⁠

By the way the new album fits perfectly in one row with the Old Growth "Mossweaver" album, Wind in His Hair "Earthwrecker" or the Bonjour Tristesse albums.⁠

We are really hyped and are working on many more.⁠

You can find the album in our SHOP

Robby // SCR⁠

21.05.2021 - 20 Years Of Chaos open air festival
20 Years Of Chaos Festival

Hey there Chaos Crew,

We hereby announce our 20 years anniversary festival in September 2021 as part of the HaffenSommer21 open air concert series.

The project HafenSommer21 is a project of the clubs from the city of Osnabrück and the city government, in collaboration with the federal state government and the German government. The concept aims at putting up an open air event series taking part in the old harbour storage area in Osnabrück.

The B.C. Osnabrück is involved in this project and since Schnalli, who is operating the Bastard Club, is now working for SCR since end of last year we thought it would be great to put all things together for a 20 years anniversary event.
The event had to be postponed a bit due to the current situation and also because you have to fullfil a lot of requirements when organizing an open air in the city.

Now the perfect spot has been found because in September 2001 (at least history books say so) Supreme Chaos Records has been founded.

There are only 300 tickets available!

When ordering at our website feel free to add a 20 Years of Chaos shirt (design might be still tweaked but I guess you get the idea).

Buy in our SHOP.

Full of anticipation,
Your SCR-Robby

30.04.2021 - Exclusive golden vinyl of the new AT THE GATES album now up for preorder
At The Gates - The Nightmare Of Being exclusive golden vinyl

Hey there Chaos Crew,

It is a sensation for me personallly! We will have an exclusive vinyl version of the upcoming At The Gates album "The Nightmare Of Being".
I have chosen golden vinyl. This version is limited to 300 handnumbered copies and only available at the Supreme Chaos Records mailorder!

I have to thank the people at Century Media for working closely together with me and making an homage to one of the heroes of my youth possible.

You can place your preorder now at our SHOP.

Robby // SCR

25.04.2021 - Mother Of Graves to release "In Somber Dreams" on vinyl
Mother Of Graves - In Somber Dreams Vinyl

Hey there Chaos Crew,

Mother of Graves from Indianapolis / USA are the insider tip of the moment for lovers of heavy doom metal in the vein of early Katatonia.

Melodic death metal with pure melancholy. The EP "In Somber Dreams" has been mastered by the master Dan Swanö himself. The band has also been chosen for the next edition of Metal Blades revived "Metal Massacre" compilation.

The long awaited vinyl version of the EP will be released on Supreme Chaos Records.

Due to the current situation in the factories and our move the project and the preorder will be started a bit later when we are sure about the arrival. But nevertheless I am really, really happy that the band has chosen SCR for a vinyl release.

Have an amazing sunday,
Robby // SCR

09.04.2021 - Exclusive vinyl of UNANIMATED - In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead
UNANIMATED - In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead exclusive blue vinyl

Hey there chaos crew,⁠

In the mid of the move another announcement of exclusive vinyl. We have teamed up with Century Media mailorder and can offer a transparent blue edition of UNANIMATED - In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead in our shop exclusively.
This double vinyl is housed in an ultra heavy triple gatefold sleeve and is limited to 200 copies whereof 100 copies are sold by Century Media and 100 by Supreme Chaos Records.

Order in our SHOP.

Robby // SCR⁠

31.03.2021 - Old Growth - Mossweaver Splatter vinyl has arrived
Old Growth - Mossweaver Splatter

Hey there chaos crew,

Finally the Old Growth splatter edition has arrived. Beautiful colored vinyl.

I really wanted to tell you that there are a few splatter records from Old Growth left (because of production tolerance I have to keep the real sold number below 100 before the vinyl arrives). But they were gone instantly.

So splatter vinyl remains sold out. I am waiting for a few payments right now and preparing all boxes, sending out all open splatter orders.

Anyway keep your eye open because we will offer a very special screen print eco vinyl version limited to 100 copies. This is basically the same as the mix color version (which is recycled vinyl) but with a totally different cover art designed specially for screen printing.

This is the result of all the color confusion of at the factory. We have now 100 recycle vinyl editions without any sleeves. We thought the best option would be to make it a special hand crafted version with screen print on recycled paper.

Stay tuned for more, currently the plant is working on all the other stuff and I am working on shipping everything and preparing the move in April to the new rooms.

Also I have secured some SCR exclusive colored vinyl editions of a few albums... Stay tuned!

News in the shop: Loads of new additions including vinyl reissues of Der Weg einer Freiheit for example.

I really have to think of a way in presenting new stuff to you and already have something in my mind - but that's future.

Robby // SCR

20.12.2020 - Imperium Dekadenz - Meadows Of Nostalgia to be re-released on vinyl
Imperium Dekadenz - Meadows Of Nostalgia

Hey there chaos crew,

Yesterday I announced "Procella Vadens" as first part of the Imperium Dekadenz project. Here is the second part of the vinyl release:

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Meadows Of Nostalgia

The album is long sold out on vinyl and we agreed on releasing it together with "Procella Vadens". There will be also a special version with both albums.

And as you can see we put some thoughts in colors and other details. It will be definitively different from existing versions.

Remember - preorder will start December 23rd.

So I leave you in Sunday vinyl madness,
Robby // SCR

19.12.2020 - Imperium Dekadenz - Procella Vadens to be released on vinyl
Imperium Dekadenz - Procella Vadens LP release announcement

Hey there chaos crew,

Finally here is first part of the announcement of another release I am really looking forward to.


This album has been released only on CD so far.

Like with most releases there is a story behind this collaboration. The guys of Imperium Dekadenz are from Southern Germany where I used to live as well. So we met on several concerts and stayed concert buddies throughout over 10 years.

When I got the possibility to release this one on vinyl I was stoked. At the same time I approached the band that I am going to release this and we made a certain plan about the looks, vinyl colors and everything. We are not yet at the end of the road but it is time to reveal this project.

I am more than happy about this project and also I am really happy to have tightened an old friendship once more.

We will start with preorder Wednesday, December 23rd but there is another surprise waiting, so keep an eye on our page.

Hope you enjoy your evening at home with good music and maybe a beer.

Robby // SCR

12.12.2020 - Nocte Obducta - Irrlicht Box Set Vinyl Preview
Nocte Obducta Irrlicht Box Set Vinyl

Hey there chaos crew,

Here is a sneak peak for the limited vinyl that comes with the Nocte Obducta box set exclusively.

We have some unpaid orders and also we had to respect production tolerances, so a few box sets are on sale now. You may add your shirt size but as it is left overs we cannot guarantee that we will meet your demands. Anyway we will discuss with you the best options possible.

Order at exclusively.

All the best,
Robby // SCR

11.12.2020 - Nocte Obducta and Old Growth wooden box set update
Nocte Obducta Box Set

Hey there chaos crew,

Nocte Obducta's Irrlicht album is released today! I am still working hard on the rest of the box sets. Vinyl and digibooks have been shipped.

Rest of box sets and shirts are shipping the next days. This takes a lot of time because there have been so many orders which is really a great honor for Nocte Obducta and me me personally.

The making of the box sets has been heavily delayed because the sheltered workshop had to send people home. A lot of them are in the vulnerable group for the Covid virus. After the production in the sheltered workshop I have to do a lot of post processing. You can have a look here at the attached picture how this turns out in the end.

At the same time plans for the the next releases are set.

Old Growth will see light December as well and this is a very demanding project which received great support from your side. There is only 1 copy of splatter vinyl and 2 copies of the box sets left. They are avialable through exclusively.

One more black metal related box set project has been kept secret and will be revealed next week. I hope for surprised "Yes"-screams on this one.

So stay tuned and stay safe

Robby // SCR

06.12.2020 - Thronehammer - A Fading King lyric video and preorder
Thronehammer - Incantation Rites preorder start

Hey there chaos crew,

Thronehammer have released the song "A Fading King" from the coming full length album "Incantation Rites". What a hymn of pure epic doom metal!

We have teamed up with Thronehammer to already present you the preorder for the upcoming album "Incantation Rites" today.
Including an ultra heavy box set containing exclusive limited vinyl, CD, tape and exclusive shirt!

You can preorder this exclusive package in our SHOP.

Have a great doom sundy,
Robby // SCR

Here is the lyric video for "A Fading King":

27.11.2020 - Nocte Obducta "Irrlicht" Update
Nocte Obducta Irrlicht Box

Hey there chaos crew,

Working currently on the Nocte Obducta box sets as the first vinyl batch has arrived today. There is only one black LP left for sale. All others gone. New versions will not be ready before March. Thanks to everyone for the amazing support! You make me a proud label guy!

Due to all the production delays the final and new release date has been set to December 11th. Anyway I will already start shipping first orders because this is gonna take about two weeks to process everything.

I will post some sneak peaks the next days for Digibook, Vinyl and Box.

Robby // SCR

24.11.2020 - Old Growth "Red Clouds" video premiere
Old Growth Video Announcement

Hey there Chaos Crew,

OLD GROWTH premiere music video "Red Clouds" taken from the upcoming debut album "Mossweaver".

Head over to Black Metal Promotion II to tune in (see below).

"Mossweaver" is available for preorder but pushed back to December 18th due to Covid related production delays.

At the same time the overall demanding box set project is on the track. For preorder and more details check our SHOP.

Robby // SCR

09.11.2020 - Vallenfyre "A Fragile King" preorder starts
Vallenfyre A Fragile King preorder starts

Hey there chaos crew,⁠

Preorder for Vallenfyres "A Fragile King" starts right now.⁠

There will be 3 editions:⁠
- 100 copies on milky clear vinyl with black and golden splatters⁠
- 200 copies on transparent beer yellow vinyl⁠
- 200 copies on white vinyl⁠

All editions will have the following features:⁠
- 180g vinyl for a decent handling, balance and permanent vinyl joy⁠
- heavy 350gsm cover with matte inside-out print⁠
- heavy matte high quality printed insert⁠
- A2 folded matte high quality printed artwork poster⁠
- handnumbered limited edition⁠

Place your order in our SHOP.

There will be more surprises throughout this week.⁠

Have a great start!⁠
Robby // SCR⁠

06.11.2020 - Asphyx - Necroceros mint green exclusive vinyl
Asphyx - Necroceros Mint Green Vinyl

Hey there chaos crew,

Asphyx has been part of my whole metal life. Be it as a death metal fan or through personal connections or with the possibility to set up a show for them together with some friends in the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg back in the days.
And of course I got Asphyx patches on my battle vest.

So with great pleasure and proudly I present to you:

ASPHYX - Necroceros MINT GREEN vinyl exclusive and only available through Supreme Chaos Records. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Up for preorder now!
Of course you may also preorder other versions in our shop.

You can preorder it now in our SHOP

Cheers and have a uaaaaaaaaargh weekend,
Robby // SCR

02.11.2020 - Benighted preorder for "Asylum Cave" and "Carnivore Sublime", glow in the dark box edition
Benighted Asylum Cave and Carnivore Sublime Box Preorder

Hey there chaos crew,⁠

As of today you can preorder vinyl reissues of the two Benighted classics "Asylum Cave" and "Carnivore Sublime".⁠

Both records will be out on 180g heavy weight vinyl with amazing colors, include lyrics sheet and an additional A2 poster, everything housed in a heavy matte printed sleeve. All editions are handnumbered and strictly limited.⁠

Colors for both albums will include transculent red, transculent red with black splatters, semi-transparent brown (EMP exclusive) and - the color I am most curious about - glow in the dark with splatters (neon green splatters for "Carnivore Sublime" and red for "Asylum Cave").⁠

Both glow in the dark editions will be sold through Supreme Chaos Records exclusively. 50 of each will be part of a special wooden box with - you may guess it - special laser engraved glow in the dark logo. You can see a little mock up here.⁠

The box is part of our collaboration with the local sheltered workshop giving work to disabled persons. The project has grown to an affair of heart for me.⁠

You can preorder box set and records now a href="/en/shop/search/benighted/">in our shop.

Thank you for your attention and stay strong,⁠
Robby // SCR⁠

01.11.2020 - Benighted "Asylum Cave" to be rissued on vinyl
Benighted Asylum Cave Vinyl Reissue

Hey there chaos crew,⁠

The second Benighted album which can be preordered on Monday is "Asylum Cave". This album has not been available on vinyl for a while now and there have been no special versions.⁠

Both albums, "Carnivore Sublime" and "Asylum Cave", will be pressed on 180g heavy weight vinyl and include an A2 sized poster.⁠

As a bonus there will be 50 copies of each housed in a heavy wooden box only available through Supreme Chaos Records mailorder. There will be a suprising detail revealed tomorrow.⁠

Preorder starts tomorrow Monday November 2nd at 6 pm CET in our shop.

Have a chill sunday evening before the gore returns.⁠

Robby // SCR⁠

31.10.2020 - Benighted "Carnivore Sublime" vinyl reissue
Benighted Carnivore Sublime vinyl reissue

Hey there chaos crew,⁠

There is so many great stuff to come. Right in time for Halloween and the release of their new song I am thankful that once again I can announce Benighted as partner in crime. And I want to return to modus operandi announcing a release before starting the preorder the next day. But we have two releases this time.⁠

First announcement is that "Carnivore Sublime" will have another print run on vinyl. There will be amazing colours, just one pictured (transparent deep red with black splatter).⁠

Preorder for this and the other title starts Monday, November 2nd 6 pm CET.⁠

By the way: Have you listened to the new Benighted song, yet? Here we go:

And please check out the new merch and support the band.⁠

Cheers and stay ... gore and bloody,⁠
Robby // SCR⁠

28.10.2020 - We ship to Australia again
We ship to Australia

Hey there chaos crew,

We can finally ship to Australia again. Among other countries Australian customers have been the most patient ones during the last months.

Fortunately now we can ship all open orders and provide amazing rock and metal music to you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Feel free to place your order now.

Robby // SCR

19.10.2020 - Nocte Obducta release single "Der alte Traum"
Nocte Obducta Single

Hey there chaos crew,⁠

Being already the second single that has been released from Nocte Obducta, "Der alte Traum" with its playing time of almost 10 minutes is referencing to old and more harsh black metal passages of the band with a quite melodic main theme, a dreamy interlude and a slowed down second part...⁠

Now available at Spotify, Apple Music, Play Store, Amazon and many more.⁠

Order the new Nocte Obducta album "Irrlicht" with the poetic subtitle "Es schlägt dem Mond ein kaltes Herz" now in our shop.

Robby // SCR⁠

12.10.2020 - Arroganz premiere "Morsus" on Black Metal Promotion
Full album stream will start 6.30 pm CEST here:

Order in our Shop.

18.09.2020 - New arrival: Disillusion "Gloria" exclusive transparent red vinyl
Disillusion - Gloria Red Vinyl

Hey there chaos crew,

The exclusive red edition of Disillusions "Gloria" has arrived at the SCR headquarters.

I would like to thank Andy and Rajk for making this happen.

Being a huge fan and friend of the band since the very beginning this record is something special for me.

This is the only colored vinyl edition of the album. So please head over to our shop and get your copy now.

In the back there is simply so many things happening right now. I have many releases coming and it is developing some kind of dynamics right now that makes everything grow and I try to do my very best working my ass off to get everything shipped in time.
Every single parcel includes a bit of dedication from me.

Don't go any further,
Robby // SCR

13.09.2020 - The Grand Aborted Vinyl-Mania
Aborted La Grand Mascarade Vinyl

Hey there chaos crew,

The grand Aborted vinyl mania!

I have been behind the "La Grande Mascarade" EP for quite a while and wanted to release it on vinyl. Finally here we go. This has been only released on CD earlier this year.

Also I was always fond of rereleasing older albums like "The Necrotic Manifesto" or even older stuff. I was not able to get the old stuff for a release, but some records will be reissued.

There will be special versions. Please mark that I will try to get everything ready to launch the preorder tomorrow 6pm but I am not sure if I can make it.

This will be 5 Aborted releases, all 12" format:
- La Grande Mascerade
- Retrogore
- Termination Redux
- The Necrotic Manifesto
- Global Flatline

What do you think? Surely one big thing for me personally...

Stay tuned for more and more details.

Robby // SCR

11.09.2020 - ARROGANZ release new single "Dead Man Galaxy"
Hey there chaos crew,

ARROGANZ premiere video for their third single "Dead Man Galaxy" today 4pm! Taken off the new album "Morsus" this slow doom death track with its dark atmosphere shows yet another shade of the sound universe of the band.

Official video:

Order "Morsus":
Arroganz in our Shop

For digital singles and more visit:

Robby // SCR

07.09.2020 - Preorder OLD GROWTH - Mossweaver now
Old Growth Mossweaver Preorder

Hey chaos crew,⁠

Preorder now online for OLD GROWTH - Mossweaver. ⁠

It has been an heartfelt wish to release this album. And it kept growing. I went all in and now here we go with several versions like tape, exclusive double vinyl with special print and wooden box edition.⁠

You may listen to a first snippet on the bandcamp page of the project:⁠

We will publish a music video very soon which simply deserves so much attention, be it for the message or for the music.⁠

Preorder now at our Shop!

Thank you for taking part in this amazin journey.⁠

Yours respectfully,⁠
Robby // SCR⁠

06.09.2020 - Announcing OLD GROWTH - Mossweaver
Old Growth Mossweaver Preorder

Hey there chaos crew,

This weeks announcement:
OLD GROWTH - Mossweaver

Shaman Animist creates a nature-inspired musical scenery of atmospheric black metal guiding you into wilderness and primal landscape. A breath taking, overwhelming piece of art.

Available as double LP, Digi, Tape, Mediabook and Box.

Preorder starts September 9th 2020 6pm in our shop.

The work on this project is still ongoing as there was some reasearch to do concerning the boxes. Each single wooden box will be taken to the local woods named Teutoburger Wald and mother earth will be bound to this item in a special ritual where the earth and leaves will become part of the box.

Absolutely stunning album with heart and soul.

May be nature with you,
Robby // SCR

01.09.2020 - KALT join Supreme Chaos Records
Kalt join Supreme Chaos Records

Hey chaos crew,

KALT join forces with Supreme Chaos Records.

Originating from the heart of Germany, KALT fuses a modern, cold Black Metal sound with the typical trade marks of Post Metal and even Post Hardcore.

Their EP "KLT" will be released physically by Supreme Chaos Records later this year.

Robby // SCR

Kalt on Facebook
Kalt on Instagram

Photo by Crowdsalat Magazin

30.08.2020 - Preorder new NOCTE OBDUCTA album "Irrlicht" now
Order Nocte Obducta - Irrlicht now

Hey chaos crew!

You may now preorder Nocte Obducta "Irrlicht (Es schlägt dem Mond ein kaltes Herz)" now in our Shop.

The exclusive wooden box set will contain an exclusive shirt, so please leave your shirt size. Only one copy per customer!

Other versions available:
- DigiBook
- White Vinyl
- Black Vinyl
- Tape
- Jewelcase CD

Later on there will be a snippet compilation to give you an impression of the overall sound of "Irrlicht". You will find this on our youtube channel.

Robby // SCR

26.08.2020 - Preorder for new NOCTE OBDUCTA album "Irrlicht" starts Aug 30th
Nocte Obducta - Irrlicht Preorder

Hey chaos crew,

Preorder for the new NOCTE OBDUCTA album "Irrlicht (Es schlägt dem Mond ein kaltes Herz)" will start August 30th 2pm here in our shop.

There will be only 100 exclusive box set editions up for sale.

Robby // SCR

07.08.2020 - Ruhrpott live shows - Kadaverficker vinyl delayed
Kadavarficker and Arroganz live

Hey chaos crew,

The Pott is alive!

Today the Fickers are on the road. First at Yeah Records in Essen for having a little chat and signing session - just go there!
Right after a little suprise - but already sold out - release show is happening at Don't Panic Essen!

Unfortunately: WITHOUT THE LPS. The vinyl version of Kadaverficker - Kaos · Nekros · Kosmos will leave the factory in two weeks.

The very ambitious time schedule was possible. But the plant was weakened because of corona positive workers and is running only at two shifts instead of three right now.
This causes a delay for current productions. We are hoping for the best.
The neon pink edition is already sold out, but there is still white and black available and we are thinking about doing a tape version as well (what is your thoughts about this?).

Tomorrow Arroganz will be palaying "Morsus" for the very first time in Helvete Oberhausen with Evoked, Desdemonia and Scalpture.

8.8.2020 Oberhausen, Helvete, Doors 7pm.

This album is up for preorder as LP, digi and tape in our shop.

First reactions for boths albums are coming in but I will post more details the next days.

Cheers and have a splendid weekend,
Robby // SCR

14.07.2020 - Watch Krachmucker TV and win Dämmerfarben patches
Win a Dämmerfarben patch

Hi there chaos crew!

You can win one out of 3 Dämmerfarben patches and a download song if you can answer of the following question:

Which huge pet is Patrick from Dämmerfarben having in a separate room of his flat?

The answer is hidden somewhere in the new Krachmucker TV episode that will air Wednesday, July 15th at 10am CEST.

First three correct answers will win a patch, all correct answers will win a download song. Send your answer via our Contact Form.

Find Dämmerfarben records in our Shop

Cheers and have fun watching,
Robby // SCR

13.07.2020 - Nocte Obductas "Stille" album has been released 17 years ago
Nocte Obducta Stille has been released 17 years ago

Hi there chaos crew,

The album "Stille" by Nocte Obducta was something like an initial spark at that time. For both, the band which had to re-sort itself at that time, and for me with Supreme Chaos Records. There was a lot of work ahead of us at the time when you still had to pack and send the promos by hand. At that time we were still far away from digital promotion. Sounds like decades ago? It is 17 years ago, actually, which sounds crazy. Even if you think about how the album sounds and which styles it combines you can call it top notch for the time.

I connect many great memories with the release of "Stille", I was even on stage as guest singer, I think it was the song "Regen". The LP sold out quite quickly, even though it was released almost 3 months after the CD. And especially the LP version is still something special for me because it contains the song "Aschefrühling" which is more than just a bonus for me.

I am really looking forward to open a new chapter with Nocte Obducta.

I found some pieces of old Nocte Obducta Merchandise, you can find them in the Shop.

Robby // SCR

10.07.2020 - The Ossuary nehmen neues Album auf
The Ossuary Recording New Album

Hi there chaos crew,

During lock down of Italy The Ossuary have focused on creating new songs and are now already in the studio recording the follow-up of "Southern Funeral". Expect finest classic hardrock with traditional heavy metal and doom influences.

I am really curious about the result of this recording session.

Besides we are planning to get the band back on the road but we will see how that works out in this difficult situation.

Meanwhile you may buy some records or merchandise to support the creation of the new album.
Find The Ossuary stuff in our shop.

Robby // SCR

09.07.2020 - Ecocide release new single

Hi there chaos crew!

Ecocide from the Netherlands have kept up the close connection with Supreme Chaos Records over the years and they have become extremely dear to me. Now a new track appears out of a sudden. So we were in contact again about the possible release of the single.

"Sleeper" is a song presenting brutal death metal riffing but with slight modern influences compared to their debut "Eye of wicked sight".

First released on youtube and now released through SCR digitally on:
Google Play
Amazon Music

Order Ecocide records and merchandise in our Shop.

Support these guys! Cheers,
Robby // SCR

08.07.2020 - Arroganz to tour with Goath
Arroganz Goath Tour 2020

Hi there chaos crew,

Arroganz will be touring with Goath for their new album "Morsus" throughout 2020 and 2021. Here are the first dates:

26.09. GER Hinte, Coastrock Festival *
23.10. GER Kaufbeuren, Out of the Crypt Fest
30.10. GER Göttingen, Freihafen
31.10. GER Weimar, Kasseturm
06.11. GER Greifswald, Klex
13.11. GER Fürth, Kopf und Kragen
14.11. GER Berlin, Orwohaus - Stromgitarrenfest
27.11. AUT Wien, Escape
28.11. GER München, Backstage - Fall of Man *
05.12. GER Cottbus, Muggefug
* without Goath

You can preorder the new album "Morsus" in our Shop.

Support the band on the tour!

Robby // SCR

03.07.2020 - DISILLUSIONs Gloria available on vinyl, SCR-exclusive red edition

Hi there chaos crew,

The album "Gloria" of the Leipzig based outfit Disillusion stood at that time for a change of the band, a very special album for the boys and also for the German music scene. At that time the album seemed almost experimental, was ahead of its time, one can say in retrospect.

When I got the opportunity to release an exclusive vinyl release I was in immediatly. During the first chats with the band it became clear that the band preferred to release the vinyl version under their own direction and thus have 100% control. So I gave the release to the band and the band offered an exclusive version to me.

So now you can pre-order the transparent red version in the shop:

There are only 100 copies, so be fast!

Nerdy greetings,
Robby // SCR

26.06.2020 - Arroganz - Morsus single and music video

My fellow chaos crew!

We are airing the first music video for the upcoming Arroganz album entitled "Morsus", title track "Morsus" with manic vocals and dark atmosphere, on KrachmuckerTV today!

Preorder starts today as well. Order vinyl, tape or CD in our SHOP.

Robby // SCR

Arroganz on Facebook
Arroganz on Instagram

23.06.2020 - First video with updates and news online

My fellow chaos crew!

First video with me telling some upcoming releases and preorders airing 6pm! Tune in!

I am pleased about any kind of feedback. This was a very short-handed shot video, the angle is not correct and so on. But if you have any suggestions for topics please comment - thanks! And do not forget to subsribe to the channel!

Robby // SCR

11.06.2020 - SCR beergarden sale postponed
SCR Biergarten Sale 2

My fellow chaos crew!

Our Supreme Chaos Records beergarden sale has been postponed.

We are waiting for restrictions to losen more and no minimum distance is needed in a small tavern anymore.

Stay tuned for more information and a possible new date.

Robby // SCR

07.06.2020 - Kadaverficker vinyl preorder, neon pink already sold out
Kadaverficker preorder

Chaos Crew,

The wild guys from Kadaverficker blow your ears with their new album "Kaos · Nekros · Kosmos"! It will be released as limited edition per request on neon pink vinyl (limited to 100). Also available on white vinyl (200) and black vinyl (200).
Be fast! Neon pink is already gone!

Sirs and madams, brace yourself for a wild journey into the depths of Nekrokore, a style that wildly mixed Death Metal, Black Metal, Punk, Grindcore and even Rock ´n Roll.

Kadaverficker also recorded an unique LP track, only available on this release; An unholy coverversion of Beherits classic "Sadomatic Rites".

CD will be out on Rotten Roll Rex.

You may preorder the record or CD in our Shop.

Keep it up,
Robby // SCR

28.05.2020 - Arroganz sign with Supreme Chaos Records

German sepulchral death metal outfit Arroganz has signed with Supreme Chaos Records.

After having released a 4 way death metal split and an EP on Supreme Chaos Records it might be the clear next step to discuss a possible collaboration. When we personally met first time there eventually was a close connection, same way of thinking. A deal shaped and has been signed, now we are all looking forward to release a great album in this worst case scenario for musicians.

Welcome to the family, guys!

Stay tuned for more videos and news for the upcoming chunk of Arroganz Death Metal.

The new album will be released as limited digipak edition and on vinyl.

Arroganz on Facebook
Arroganz on Instagram

21.03.2020 - 10% off on bandcamp
If you want to get yourself some music in these dark times you can get a 10% of in our bandcamp store with the following discount code.
Especially when you want to buy a download this is for you.

Just enter the discount code in the buy now box:

Link to our bandcamp page:

03.03.2020 - Subsconscious - Irregular 14 years anniversary
Subconscious - Irregular

I cannot believe that already 14 years have passed since "Irregular" from progressive death thrash heads Subconscious has been released.

03.03.2006 SUBCONSCIOUS - Irregular

From todays view it is really a pitty that the sound did not meet the musical standard the band has set for itself, yet this remains an underground gem.
They have always been a strong live band immediatly reminding you of mighty Death.

Today physical versions of both albums "Irregular" and "All things are equal in death" for 4,90 € only!

I am still in contact with band leader Jörn and we always had fun together with the highs and lows, many members changes over the years. Their rehearsal space was very close to my first real label head quarter in Ditzingen. So we met several times there, hung out and also of course met in clubs etc.
These crazy guys always have a special place in my heart. It feels natural that "new" bass player Gernot is a long-term friend as well.

We had several anniversary albums the past days which I will feature on this page this week.

Stay tuned!

Robby // SCR

18.01.2020 - Kadaverficker vs Supreme Chaos Records
Kadaverficker vs Supreme Chaos Records

Probably nothing you would expect but on the other hand not so surprising after having released vinyl of legendary GUT etc.

Kadaverficker will collaborate with Supreme Chaos Records their upcoming album for a vinyl version. This is just a placeholder for the final artwork by the way.

The band is currently asking YOU for the vinyl color. Check out their facebook page:

CD is coming via Rotten Roll Rex!

Let's go for 2020...
Robby // SCR

06.10.2019 - NOCTE OBDUCTA - New album 2020

25.05.2019 - THE OSSUARY release music video for "Southern Funeral"
South Italian doom rockers The Ossuary have released a music video for the title track of their latest album "Southern Funeral". The old school video is visualizing the lyrics of the most doom influenced song of the long player.

But judge yourself:

The band is currently playing Europe. Watch out if you can catch a show!

The Ossuary Facebook
The Ossuary Instagram
SCR on Facebook

27.11.2018 - The Ossuary will release new album 'Southern Funeral'

After their absolutely grandiose debut "Post Mortem Blues" the Italiens finest in heavy doom rock The Ossuary present their second album.

The band's convincing performance on their first tour encouraged me to release their second album on Supreme Chaos Records as well.

Are you feeling like us and missing the authentic, earthy power of classic heavy rock? That heavy rock, which even reveals a certain closeness to the prog in the true sense of the word and the fresh wildness of the first metal bands of the 70s, when the term heavy metal didn't even exist yet? If so, THE OSSUARY is exactly your sound!

Now we are again surrounded by the wonderful-modern smell of the past, and also the first dust clouds are trickling again - because THE OSSUARY are back!

The second album is called "Southern Funeral" and puts another scoop on top: more drive, more melancholy and just more of everything!
Lean back, close your eyes and just enjoy!

Available as exclusive splatter vinyl version limited to 100 copies only available at the SCR mailorder!

The LP comes in a heavy gatefold cover and as 180g vinyl, hand-numbered with text sheet.

The first edition of the CD comes as DigiPak with 12-page booklet.

Pre-order now with shirt and patch (the patch is available in during preorder period for only 1,90 EUR!):
At SCR Mailorder


02.10.2018 - AGRYPNIE „Grenzgaenger“ Trailer
With „Grenzgaenger“ and the appendant „Pavor Nocturnus“ AGRYPNIE are releasing their most challenging project so far. With almost two and a half hours of music and involving guests like J.J. from Harakiri For The Sky, Eviga from Dornenreich or Marcel from Nocte Obducta are testifying the enormous dimensions of this opus.

Yet unheard sounds from AGRYPNIE are merging to a homogeneous creation with raging moments but also sluggish elegiac tracks or entirely orchestral reinterpretations.

Just to suit the extent of this release both albums will be available as box edition containing high quality vinyl, a hardcover media book and a lot of extras.

Mastermind Torsten is now uncovering the first excerpts from „Grenzgaenger“. A seven minutes lasting trailer containing teasers for eight songs:

The album will be relased October 12th 2018 via Supreme Chaos Records.

You may preorder the album at:
Nuclear Blast

Google Play Store
Apple Music

AGRYPNIE will tour throughout Europe with Totalselfhatred, Arroganz and Asphagor in October:
11.10. Weiher (DE), Live Music Hall
12.10. Magdeburg (DE), Factory
13.10. Oberhausen (DE), Helvete
14.10. Berlin (DE), Nuke Club
15.10. Dresden (DE), Loco Club
16.10. Erfurt (DE), Club From Hell
17.10. Wien (AT), Viper Room Vienna
18.10. Innsbruck (AT), p.m.k
19.10. Stuttgart (DE), Club Zentral
20.10. Olten (CH), Schützi

Label: -

20.09.2018 - THE OSSUARY Mountain Of Doom Shirts

New shirts for the currently running "Post Mortem Tour" from THE OSSUARY have arrived. They carry the great WAEIK artwork of the tour flyers and simply the logo - clean and neat.

You can order the shirts HERE or simply buy them on tour (starting September 22nd on the show in Ibbenbüren)!

Tourdates 2018:

19.09. Bologna (IT), Mikasa *
20.09. Turin (IT), Ziggy Club
21.09. Beverwijk (NL), Podium 104
22.09. Ibbenbüren (DE), Musik Produktiv **
23.09. Zwolle (NL), Hedon
24.09. Antwerpen (BE), Music City
25.09. Hamburg (DE), MS Stubnitz
26.09. Aalborg (DK), 1000 Fryd
28.09. Lille (FR), Dame C
29.09. Stuttgart (DE), Haus 11 ***
30.09. Milan (IT), Blue Rose
* without Satori Junk
** with Iron Walrus
*** with Naevus

27.08.2018 - THE OSSUARY touring in September
The Ossuary / Satori Junk Post Mortem Tour 2018

Success! The The Ossuary tour with Satori Junk is fully booked!

We are really, really happy to bring those Italian maniacs to all over Europe. These guys really live their music and deserve your full support!

Every evening will give you nothing less but heavy doom / stoner rock at its finest!

We would be really happy if you attend any of the shows and / or share the tour poster to help us make these shows great evenings for everyone!

19.09. Bologna (IT), Mikasa *
20.09. Ivrea (IT), Tenuta Roletto
21.09. Beverwijk (NL), Podium 104
22.09. Ibbenbüren (DE), Musik Produktiv **
23.09. Zwolle (NL), Hedon
24.09. Antwerpen (BE), Music City
25.09. Hamburg (DE), MS Stubnitz
26.09. Aalborg (DK), 1000 Fryd
28.09. Lille (FR), Dame C
29.09. Stuttgart (DE), Haus 11 ***
30.09. Milan (IT), Blue Rose
* without Satori Junk
** with Iron Walrus
*** with Earth Flight

If you want to check out the music you can do this by visiting:
THE OSSUARY - Post Mortem Blues
SATORI JUNK - The Golden Dwarf

Thank you!


14.08.2018 - Covers and details of upcoming AGRYPNIE albums revealed
Grenzgænger Cover
Pavor Nocturnus Cover

With the departure for the European tour in October, AGRYPNIE will release two new albums entitled "Grenzgænger" and "Pavor Nocturnus".

Mastermind Torsten states: "There are no words to describe the feeling to finally share the details of the two new Releases "Grenzgænger" and "Pavor Nocturnus".

Without any doubt no other Releases in the history of Agrypnie was accompanied with such an huge amount of work and even some failures. Sometimes during the work for these albums I had this serious feeling, these releases will never see the light of this world. But it´s FINALLY done and I don´t have any words how proud I am.

"Grenzgænger" is so far the most personal Release I have ever written. In the last years I had to deal with the most darkest hours and personal demons. A lot of them are bond into this album. On the other hand, I went through all this mess and made it. This is an important part of this Release as well."

Both albums will be available in a heavy box version with two double vinyl records, a 2 CD mediabook, big poster flag and 8 special postcard sized art prints. Of course you can still get the albums separately as double vinyl in gatefold cover, digipak CD or as mediabook.

Preorder will start August 14th 8pm CEST (a.k.a. today).

== Tracklist "Grenzgænger" ==

1. Auferstehung
2. In die Tiefe
3. Aus Zeit erhebt sich Ewigkeit
4. Nychthemeron
5. Grenzgænger
6. Die Waisen des Daidalos
7. Die längste Nacht
8. Zu Grabe

== Tracklist "Pavor Nocturnus" ==

1. Veritas Mutabilis (Demo Rerecording)
2. Pavor Nocturnus (Demo Rerecording)
3. Agrypnie (Demo Rerecording)
4. Neon (New Track)
5. Sinnflut (Orchestral)
6. Augenblick (Orchestral)
7. 16[485] - Brücke aus Glas (Orchestral)
8. Fenster zum Hof (Orchestral)
9. Cogito Ergo Sum (Orchestral)

08.05.2018 - EARTH FLIGHT publish music video for "Mirai"
Earth Flight release another excerpt from their new album "riverdragons & elephant dreams" out on Supreme Chaos Records.

In many reviews the song Mirai is used as reference for the atmosphere of the album.
Now you may listen to the song in full here:

You may order the album here:
Limited DigiPak
Double vinyl with Cloud Effekt, SCR exclusive
Amber/Purple double vinyl
Black double vinyl
EARTH FLIGHT at SCR Metal Mailorder

01.02.2018 - ANCST LPs have arrived - Preview of the red marbled version
ANCST - Ghosts Of The Timeless Void Red Vinyl

The records have arrived from the manufacturing company / Lifeforce Records already today! We will start ship the records mid of February 2018. First the handnumbered stickers have to be added. The record comes with download code!

The ANCST records can be pre-ordered in our shop.

21.12.2017 - EARTH FLIGHT become part of Supreme Chaos Records
The prog rockers EARTH FLIGHT become part of the Supreme Chaos Records family! The guys have been working so long on the successor of "Blue Hour Confessions" that it almost feels like eternity.

Something really big is coming! We have been waiting months to finally release this wonderful album for the rest of the world. All I can say for now: This is totally amazing songwriting combined with grand superior vocals that gives a very own note to all the songs. Listening to this record you have the feeling that the complex multilayered songs are incessantly scratching the throne of the genre tycoons.

There will be more details on the album soon. First I am happy to have EARTH FLIGHT on the label!

To celebrate this signing, also perfectly for the coming feasts, we have thought about what to give you guys as a gift and raise your interest on the band. Here is what we have got: the gatefold LP version of the last album "Blue Hour Confessions" is on sale for crazy EUR 9,90 only now in our shop, you can pick the CD version for only EUR 8,90. So save your copy! Only as long as stock lasts!

You can order here: Earth Flight at SCR Mailorder

A happy guy in happy times,

15.12.2017 - ANCST will release new album, SCR exclusive vinyl
Ghosts Of The Timeless Void vinyl versions

With "Ghosts Of The Timeless Void" finally the Berlin based collective ANCST will release a full album again. The album will be released by Lifeforce Records who kindly offered us an exclusive version in beautiful transparent red/black marbled vinyl.

These 100 copies will be only on sale through our mailorder.

You may preorder here: ANCST in our Shop

27.10.2017 - More ILLDISPOSED Vinyl Releases
Two mile stones in the band history of Denmarks death metal figurehead ILLDISPOSED will be finally available on wax. "Submit" and "There's Something Rotten... In The State Of Denmark" are currently in production.

Both records will be issued on 180g vinyl with heavy cover, download codes plus our infamous "I❤Vinyl"-Sticker.

There will be different limited colors which will fit to the artwork of the respective album.

100 x transparent purple with brown and black splatters (SCR Mailorder)
250 x brown
150 x black

"There's Something Rotten... In The State Of Denmark"
100 x transparent yellow with blue, green and black splatters (SCR Mailorder)
250 x transparent yellow
150 x black

You can get your hands on these amazing beautiful records in our Shop.

Thank you for your support!


31.07.2017 - AGRYPNIE begin vocal recordings for upcoming album
Agrypnie new album recording

The vocal recordings for the coming AGRYPNIE album have been started. Manuel Karakas, who was responsible for the vocal recordings on previous albums "Aetas Cineris" and "Asche EP" will be producing those recordings.


02.07.2017 - Preorder ANCST / KING APATHY and UNRU / TONGUE split releases now!
Ancst King Apathy Unru Tongue Split Releases

An amazing split between ANCST and KING APATHY (who were formerly known as Thränenkind) will be released in August 2017. Great artwork combines with great music! The split will be released on vinyl exclusively and is now available for preorder at our store!


Rising from the depth of hell, UNRU are back with a new release. And they are accompanied by their local brothers TONGUE which recently have released their debut. Raging, yet unique black metal made its way on wax and will be spit into the face of the world in August 2017.


12.05.2017 - HERETOIR - Cultists exclusive shirt at SCR
Heretoir Cultists Shirt Preview

HERETOIR - Cultists shirts are now available at our shop and on the upcoming tour exclusively!

Printed on 100% cotton fair trade shirts.

24.04.2017 - THE OSSUARY release music video for 'Post Mortem Blues'
THE OSSUARY are releasing a video for the title track of their "Post Mortem Blues" album just in time for the vinyl release.

The 70s sounding combination of Sabbath-like riffing with amazing vocals will catch you with its haunting melodies, a kind of music you probably not would expect originating from Italy.

You will hear from this band in the future, but now tune in for the video:

"Post Mortem Blues" will hit the streets January 2017 on CD and April 2017 on vinyl via Supreme Chaos Records.

21.04.2017 - RECORD STORE DAY releases of GRAVE and UNLEASHED
Record Store Day 2017

Tomorrow's RECORD STORE DAY will include 3 exclusive versions of our upcoming releases from UNLEASHED and GRAVE!

These versions are available in Europe in independent record stores only!

GRAVE - As Rapture Comes (Transparent Red)
UNLEASHED - Hell's Unleashed (Transparent Red)
UNLEASHED - Warrior (Clear)

All records are made with full dedication, handnumbered and limited to 300 copies only! They include an A2 2-sided poster (except of Hell's Unleashed) and our "I Love Vinyl" stickers!

20.04.2017 - AGRYPNIE surprising with guest musicians for upcoming album and Ragnarök festival
Dornenreich Eviga guest musician for Agrypnie

On the next AGRYPNIE release, Eviga (Dornenreich) is going to sing with his distinctive voice on one of the new tracks as well as he wrote a profound lyric for it.

AGRYPNIE mastermind Torsten states "I have no words for this unique collaboration with this exceptional musician and very good friend of mine."

In case you ask yourself why this guest musician is published before any other details about the new album...

On this years Ragnarök festival the team AGRYPNIE/Eviga is going to perform the said track Eviga entitled "Aus Zeit erhebt sich Ewigkeit" exclusively and for the first time live on stage.

Unleashed, Grave, Illdisposed, The Ossuary Vinyl

There has been a lot of work the past days. There are right now 5 vinyl productions in process that will all be released by end of April 2017.

SCR is super proud to announce the release of GRAVEs "As Rapture Comes" plus the two UNLEASHED albums "Warrior" and "Hell's Unleashed". All will be classy editions with new layout. I am so curious about the result. There were added posters to "Warrior" and "As Rapture Comes" just for the sake of making this a worthy release.
What can you say? It is three albums from heroes from my youth. I had to do this. So like me you can now complete your collection with amazing looking vinyls and place a preorder in the shop section.

But this is not all. The first-time-on-vinyl release of "Kokaiinum" from ILDDISPOSED is now up for preorder as well. This album was always on my mind and I have asked myself for many years why there is no vinyl release of it. If you were longing for this vinyl edition as well I would appreciate if you preorder the album.

The fifth album in the row is THE OSSUARYs "Post Mortem Blues" which has honestly been up for preorder already but now as it is in production I warmly recommend it to anyone that likes bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram or Saint Vitus - means to almost everyone that is into rock music. This album has grown on me and I believe that this was the right decision to sign a new started doom band from Italy. I love these guys, I love the music and this will be one of my all-time favourite, not only on the label but in rock music in general.
Check the tunes out on our bandcamp page if you do not belive me.

SCR holds the most exclusive versions of all five albums and thus I advise you to order the albums here in our store.

Thank you for your support!

R.B. / March 10th 2017

28.02.2017 - SCR to release ILLDISPOSEDs "Kokaiinum" on vinyl
ILLDISPOSED - Kokaiinum LP Cover

Supreme Chaos Records proudly announce to release ILLDISPOSEDs "Kokaiinum" on vinyl. For the first time ever! This cutting-edge album in ILLDISPOSEDs discography has raised controversy because of its artwork that was not what people expected from a death metal band back at that time. The Danish death metal squad continued its path without making compromises back in 2001, 16 years ago.

When I have met the band last time we had a talk and the idea came up to rerelease this album to continue the great work we have done together so far. Jakob soon came up with the album art designed for vinyl and everything almost perfectly production ready. I was quite surprised about the effort he put into getting this album on wax as soon as possible. After adjusting a piece here and there the album now already is in production.

Preorders will be up very soon.

Still you can win the SCR Mailorder edition (100 copies only) of this album. This special edition will be pressed on black vinyl with white haze (fitting perfectly to the album title).

Want to win this album? Follow the instructions on the Supreme Chaos Records Facebook page.

(ends March 1st 2017 12:59:59 pm cet - of course this is to gain the attention - but it is a win-win - ain't it?)

R.B. / as of February 28th 2017

06.02.2017 - Secretly recorded sneak peak for the upcoming AGRYPNIE album
Guitar and keyboard production for the upcoming AGRYPNIE epos are in the works. A small sneak peak which makes it hard to guess more is now online here:

Buy merchandise and records: SHOP

23.01.2017 - AGRYPNIE continue recording for new album
AGRYPNIE have continued their work for their new album with a possible 2017 release. With a short video you can have a little glimpse on the drum recordings:

Buy merchandise and records: SHOP

21.01.2017 - WIND IN HIS HAIR debut album now available for preorder
Wind In His Hair - Earthwrecker

You can now preorder the WIND IN HIS HAIR debut "Earthwrecker" in our shop. This also includes tote bags and patches (and a bundle version with all of them).

With their uncommon approach to writing songs the band creates a new shade of sound in a relatively new niche in the music landscape mixing crust punk and black metal. It may sound rough at first sight but melodic passages and an amount of variety
carrying the message of this band are making this album a true musical journey.

Fans of black metal beyond the mainstream or any standard song patterns should seriously sit up and take notice of this record.

To preorder
BLACK LP (Ltd.150)
GREY SPLATTER LP + tote bag and patch (30 of Ltd.100)

13.01.2017 - BONJOUR TRISTESSE to release debut on vinyl
Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire Vinyl

The debut album "Par Un Sourire" from BONJOUR TRISTESSE will be available on vinyl soon. The opressive sound landscape which is inspired by deep emotions is just plain perfect for a release on classy wax.

This high quality vinyl edition brought to you by Supreme Chaos Records features:
- 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability
- heavy 350gsm cover with matte inside-out print
- heavy matte high quality printed insert
- antistatic polylined inner sleeve
- handnumbered limited editions

You can preorder the record now in our shop:
SPLATTER (ltd. 100)
WHITE (ltd. 250)
BLACK (ltd. 150)

I hope that you can let yourself emotionally fall when listening to this record just like I do.

R.B. / January 13th 2017

10.01.2017 - ARROGANZ release music video
ARROGANZ have released a music video for "Breathing Blasphemy" taken from the "Sermon of Ungodly Dreams" split LP with Obscure Infinity, Reckless Manslaughter and Lifeless!

You can order "Sermon of Ungoldy Deams" here:
BLUE (100) · BLACK (150) · RED (250)

ARROGANZ on Facebook:

08.01.2017 - ILLDISPOSED and HATESPHERE vinyl shipping update
Hatesphere Illdisposed Vinyl Versionen

Unfortunately the manufacturing company as well as christmas time with its holidays has caused a delay for the delivery of the vinyl versions of the new albums of ILLDISPOSED and HATESPHERE from the manufacturing site to our office resulting in a postpone of the release dates.
The good news is that the records are on their way to our office and will probably arrive January 10th 2017 and will accordingly be shipped to all customers mid of next week. Thank you for your patience!

If you have not ordered your copy, yet you should hurry a bit because we will have only part of the print run in our ware house! And of course there is the point that we will deliver special stickers with the records...

You may preorder here:

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on these records!

R.B. | January 8th 2017

20.12.2016 - THE OSSUARY streaming opening track from upcoming album
The debut album "Post Mortem Blues" from Italian doom metal quartet THE OSSUARY will see the light of the world at the end of January 2017. The time-honored cover artwork gives an idea of what to expect. Back to the glorious old days of the beginning of doom and heavy metal in General, a sound that is paying tribute to bands like Cactus, Captain Beyond or Wishbone ash with the heaviness of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus

"Post Mortem Blues" will hit the streets January 2017 on CD and April 2017 on vinyl via Supreme Chaos Records.

The opening track "Black Curse" is now available for streaming:

Track listing:
1. Black Curse
2. Witch Fire
3. Blood On The Hill
4. Graves Underwater
5. Post Mortem Blues
6. The Crowning Stone
7. Evil Churns
8. The Great Beyond

20.09.2016 - New Hell will break loose in December - HATESPHERE album will be released on vinyl!
Hatesphere - New Hell Vinyl

This is the new hell! HATESPHEREs current album is without doubt one of their best. That is why we wanted to do this on vinyl - again. This is already the 4th HATESPHERE album coming out on vinyl via Supreme Chaos Records!

The beautiful artwork is printed on a heavy 350gsm matte cover and a heavy paper matte insert. 180g vinyl guarantees best sound characteristics and durability. The album was fully mastered for vinyl by Tue Madsen from Antfarm Studios

There will be a special edition on white vinyl limited to 100 copies only and a black one. Both colors match the cover artwork perfectly.

When ordered at SCR mailorder we will add a special sticker for this album.

19.09.2016 - ILLDISPOSEDs Grey Sky Over Black Town to be released on vinyl
Illdisposed - Grey Sky Over Black Town Vinyl

The long wait is coming to an end! The new ILLDISPOSED album "Grey Sky Over Black Town" is about to be released on vinyl!

Of course quality matters, so what you get is 180g vinyl, 350gsm heavy cover print on matte paper, heavy matte printed insert and thre different colors. The splatter version will be outstanding once again. All editions will be hand numbered.

As a little bonus when ordered at SCR we will add a logo sticker 10x3cm.

22.08.2016 - THE OSSUARY sign with Supreme Chaos Records
The Ossuary - Post Mortem Blues

Italian doomsters THE OSSUARY sign with Supreme Chaos Records. Consisting of members that have been active in the underground scene for long this new ensemble mortale introduces with heavy doom rock breathing the spirit of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and the thrust of early heavy rock bands like Cactus, Captain Beyond, Wishbone Ash.

The debut album entitled "Post Mortem Blues" will hit the street by January 2017. The title could not be more fitting. Unpolished, pure sounding 8 titles that send you straight back to the 70s where THE OSSUARY would have been easily one of the heaviest bands on the planet.

The band states:
"We are really happy as we didn’t imagine this could happen when we first put this new band together just one year and a half ago. Things went fast but we know we worked hard and signing with Supreme Chaos Records is one hell of achievement - the first one in our case - and it’s great to know we have a home for our future record 'mournings'."

The song "Graves Underwater" taken from the album can be listened in its entirety here:

15.08.2016 - SCR related bands on Summer Breeze Open Air 2016
Summer Breeze Open Air 2016

Watch out for bands playing Summer Breeze Open Air 2016. Released by SCR there will be UNDERTOW, NOCTE OBDUCTA, NAPALM DEATH (2 vinyl reissues), UNLEASHED (2 vinyl reissues to come), OBSCURE INFINITY (4 way death metal split vinyl) and ILLDISPOSED (previous album on vinyl, new album on vinyl to come).

So be there! Only 2 days to go!

Your time table:
17.08.2016 18:00-18:30 OBSCURE INFINITY (Camel Stage)
18.08.2016 12:00-12:30 UNDERTOW (Unplugged Campsite Circus)
19.08.2016 12:00-12:30 UNDERTOW (Unplugged Campsite Circus)
19.08.2016 23:15-00:15 UNLEASHED (T-Stage)
20.08.2016 19:15-20:00 NOCTE OBDUCTA (T-Stage)
20.08.2016 20:30-21:15 ILLDISPOSED (T-Stage)
20.08.2016 21:45-22:45 NAPALM DEATH (T-Stage)

See you there and cheers!

R.B. / August 15th 2015

14.07.2016 - New server needed, warehouse clearance
Get some VINYL and CD cheapos and support SCR!

At Supreme Chaos Records headquarter there was a lot of IT trouble the past days, new hardware is needed. Consquently we are selling some cheapo packages.

The following support packages are available exclusively the next days:
30 € - LP surprise package 5 vinyl records including shipping (outside of Germany 40 €)
20 €- CD surpirse package 5 CDs including shipping (outside of Germany 25 €)
25 € - Mixed package 3 LPs / CDs including shipping (outside of Germany 35 €)

There are several genres available - ranging from Death and Black Metal over Thrash to Progressive Rock / Metal and Alternative Rock. You may name multiple genres.

Of course a lot is coming from the label catalogue.

Send a message via contact form and add address and genre.
Or send any amount of cash via paypal (starting at 1 EUR - if you add more we may send you some goodies even Patches, CDs and LPs):

Link paypal page:

Thank you for your attention!

R.B. July 14th 2016

19.05.2016 - AGRYPNIE and TODTGELICHTER tour 2016
Agrypnie Wachkoma Tour 2016

Tomorrow the WACHKOMA tour starts!

Our guys of Agrypnie and Todtgelichter will hit the road together with Austrias Anomalie!
Anomalie will have Torsten (Agrypnie) as live guitar player.

An exciting tour package for sure!

AGRYPNIE are not only presenting their current album "Aetas Cineris" but will also showcase new songs from the upcoming album.

TODTGELICHTER will bring their new highly anticipated album "Rooms" on the stage.

ANOMALIE will aloso present their current effort "Refugium".

Here are the dates - be part!

20.05. DE - Oberhausen, Helvete Metal Club
21.05. DE - Stuttgart, Club Zentral
22.05. CH - Zürich, Dynamo Zürich (offiziell)
23.05. DE - München, Feierwerk, München
24.05. AT - Salzburg, Rockhouse Bar
25.05. Würzburg, Cafe dom@in Jugendzentrum
26.05. AT - Wien, Viper Room Vienna
27.05. DE - Leipzig, Hellraiser Leipzig
28.05. DE - Weinheim, Café Central


AGRYPNIE on Facebook
ANOMALIE on Facebook

15.05.2016 - WHITE DAZE new EP to be released

Listening to the White Daze test pressing. Blues Rock from the South... Southern Germany.

Hard to compare to any other artist so far, but the guitar work is definitively recognizable as well as the voice of Marc. Same goes for the bass lines which are played live by organ player Nico with one hand (sic!). All backed up by groving drums from drum animal Sebastian.
As it is quite amazing to watch live performances of this three piece they tried to catch the spirit with this new mini album.

Stay tuned for preorder! CD is widely available at Amazon etc. already!

Props to you, my friends - Marc, Nico, Sebastian.

Robby / SCR

WHITE DAZE on Facebook:

#bluesrock #vinyl #testpressing

27.04.2016 - 15 years SCR - Legacy magazine special

On our website there has been a bit of silence for a while. This was due to moving into a new office as well as a lot of productions that are still waiting to be finished. These releases are absolutely worth to be curious about!

2016 will be a very intense year. And it will be the 15th year of SCR. This is true, SCR are in the 15th year of existence!

This is a nice occasion to have some massive price campaigns and some really good news coming.

But first I want to give the German speaking visitors a short hint that there will be a nice special in the upcoming issue of the Legacy Magazine.

More (english) news will come up the very next days...

21.12.2015 - TODTGELICHTER sign with Supreme Chaos Records

We are right now setting up our new headquarters.
And a new office always brings a lot of other great new ideas, projects and possibilities.

It was not much thoughts needed to offer TODTEGLICHTER to become part of the SCR family. This is pretty much the perfect start of a new era.

Next year, with the 15 years anniversary, this is going to be the first SCR release to see the light of the world. We are truely hyped about the new album "Rooms" which will be out on both, CD and vinyl.

Stay tuned for more informations about this amazing output!

Feel free to share the news on the net.

For promotion inquiries please contact Metal-Promotions.

Todtgelichter on Facebook

15.09.2015 - LOST SOUL new album "Atlantis: The new beginning" vinyl release
LOST SOUL will release a new album entitled "Atlantis" as successor of "Immerse in infinity". The death metal force from Poland will break all limits with this new epos.

Together with our friends Apostasy Records we will bring this album to you guys out there. While Apostasy will release the CD version, we will issue the vinyl version in luxary gatefold housing.

During their over twenty years in history, LOST SOUL became an inherent part of the Polish death metal scene. Now, the band craves for world domination with "Atlantis: The new beginning". Their fifth full-length album is their most ambitious one to date. Production duties were once again helmed by mastermind Jacek Grecki himself while mixing and mastering were done afterwards by none other than Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski in their renowned Hertz Studios. The diversified sound is rounded out by some felicitous guest appearances by Dave Suzuki (ex-Vital Remains) and the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra (o.a.).

In Jecek's own words: "'Atlantis' is damn fast, heavy, evil, dark, spacious, extremely massive and technical. It's with no doubt a full-blown, merciless metal album."

First trailer for the album:

LOST SOUL on facebook

21.07.2015 - GRAVE are going to work with Supreme Chaos Records

Wait - you are all out on festivals and this sounds like we are posting another festival announcement?

After all the amazing announcements and releases of the near past this is going to be another turning point in the history of a small independent label like SCR. We are going to release a vinyl record of another iconic band from our youth!

Contracts have been signed, we are already working on last details. Leaving us thrilled by this announcment this is going to be a huge honor for us!

There are even more news... maybe not as big as this announcement, but equally kicking ass.

For this moment I am soulless,
Robby / SCR

Grave on Facebook

14.07.2015 - UNLEASHED to become part of Supreme Chaos Records history

A new band announcement. We are more than excited to announce that UNLEASHED will become part of the Supreme Chaos Records history!

Being one of the heroes from our youth, UNLEASHED has been one of the reasons why SCR was started. Their early work has been inspirational to a whole scene and it is a real honor to release this band.

Of course we want to make this release something special.
There is still a lot of work to do to make this become reality.

We will keep you updated with more details and preorder soon!

UNLEASHED on Facebook


The upcoming Arroganz / Lifeless / Obscure Infinity / Reckless Manslaughter split 12" is already being prepared for production, test pressings will arrive very soon.

We hereby want to present the cover artwork which was done by Nick Keller for this release exclusively. He has also worked for really huge movie productions like Narnia or The Hobbit Triology. The Cthulhu inspired artwork was finished in amazing colors.
As we wanted to stick very close to the cover artwork with the color of the vinyl there will be 100 blue with black marbled, 250 transparent red with black marbled and 150 common black copies, all handnumbered with a nifty A2 sized poster presenting the clean cover artwork. The poster has a second side with a black / white hand drawing draft of the Cthulhu. All completed by the specially designed "Sermon of ungodly Dreams" logo designed by M. from Sulphur Aeon. The vinyl only release also includes an old school lyrics insert.
All 4 songs were specially mastered for 45 rpm high quality vinyl by Patrick W. Engel in Temple of Disharmony studios (also Asphyx, Exumer, Exodus and many more).

You can expect a bone crushing death metal vinyl release.

But every light has its shadow. Vinyl production times have increased - again. Release will probably be postponed to October 2015.

But back to the details:
100 x transparent blue (marbled) vinyl - SCR Mailorder only
250 x transparent red (marbled) vinyl
150 x black vinyl
- Heavy cardboard cover
- Lyrics insert, heavy paper
- DIN A2 poster with the amazing cover and back cover artwork
- High quality vinyl mastering
- All handnumbered

Track listing:
1. ARROGANZ - Breathing Blasphemy
2. LIFELESS - Insanity Reigns
3. OBSCURE INFINITY - Ashen Embalmment

You may preorder here.

18.06.2015 - RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER last band for four way death metal split release

RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER show an endless dedication to the old school way of playing neat death metal with some variations.

The fitting fourth part for a mighty 4 way split death metal vinyl release.

The ARROGANZ / LIFELESS / OBSCURE INFINITY / RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER 4 way split will contain 4 exclusive recorded songs which you will find on this vinyl only!

All songs were mastered for the vinyl medium by Patrick W. Engel in Temple of Disharmony studios (also Asphyx, Exumer, Exodus and many more).

Some of you might have noticed an ad in the new DEAF FOREVER magazine. There you could have already seen the amazing cover artwork from Nick Keller (also Dawn of Azazal, the Hobbit triology) which is completed by a special designed logo by M. (singer for Sulphur Aeon).

Three limited editions are now up for preorder:
100 x transparent blue (marbled) vinyl - SCR Mailorder only
250 x transparent red (marbled) vinyl
150 x black vinyl
- Heavy cardboard cover
- Lyrics insert, heavy paper
- DIN A2 poster with the amazing cover and back cover artwork
- High quality vinyl mastering
- All handnumbered


12.06.2015 - OBSCURE INFINITY are next

OBSCURE INFINITY will work with Supreme Chaos Records!

With this years effort "Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness" OBSCURE INFINITY fortified their status as one darkened old school death metal figurehead. A live force like a sledge hammer, a death metal steam roller that is flooring listeners like nothing.

Accompanied by LIFELESS and ARROGANZ this is like the trinity of German death metal which is gathering, but one more name will be dropped next week. Stay tuned for more!

We are now already unable to withhold our pure enthusiasm about all that is to come. Hope you feel the same!


01.06.2015 - LIFELESS soon to be released on Supreme Chaos Records

We hereby announce that German death metal outfit LIFELESS will receive a vinyl treatment via Supreme Chaos Records.

LIFELESS are one of the main underdogs in the German death metal scene who have put all their affords in consistency of traditional part of this genre.
The last death hammer "Godconstruct" - released by FDA Rekotz - held all their ideals high, no compromise but also made a clear statement that we have to expect a lot more harsh and brutal death metal in the future from these guys.

We are truely happy to welcome these guys in the family, more details will be revealed in the near future.

Lifeless on Facebook

28.05.2015 - ARROGANZ to receive release on Supreme Chaos Records

First band of our featured artist series who will have a release on Supreme Chaos Records​ announced for this year is ARROGANZ​.

The band is known for walking the utterly dark path between death metal and black metal frontlines. Being a continius preacher of their own words, ARROGANZ have unleashed three black masses to convince mankind of their status extraordinaire.

Now it is time to join forces with the Supreme Chaos to pierce the common folk one more time leaving behind pained faces of suffering.

ARROGANZ on Facebook

16.03.2015 - GORILLA MONSOON full album stream at Rockhard Germany
Want to check out the new GORILLA MONSOON album before release date? Give German Rockhard a visit, they have a full album stream online right now:
Rockhard "Firegod - Feeding the beast" Full Album Stream

Order your copy now.

12.03.2015 - GORILLA MONSOON album with preorder single available on iTunes
The new one thousand tons heavy weight entitled "Firegod - Feeding the Beast" from the German stoner rock prehistorics GORILLA MONSOON has arrived in the modern age and can be preordered on iTunes now, including the preorder single "March of the Hellrock Inc." which you will get as immediate download!

You can find the album on iTunes here:

The video for the preorder single on youtube (do not burn your fingers!):

Track listing:
1. Goatlord
2. March of the Hellrock Inc.
3. Hammerdown
4. P.O.R.N.
5. Bastard Business
6. Law of the Riff
7. Call of Gaia
8. Shotgun Justice
9. Firegod
10. Glory Days (Digipak and vinyl bonus)

Feed the beast called firegod!

07.02.2015 - NAPALM DEATH vinyl re-release preorder
Lately there was a lot of work to do for the upcoming releases.

2015 will start furious!

One result is the flyer you can see here, it will be part of all upcoming vinyl releases!

TOMORROW, Sunday February 8th at 2PM CET the preorders for NAPALM DEATHs "Smear Campaign" and "Time Waits For No Slave" will start!
There will be only few copies of some editions. So be fast!

ATTENTION: The 100 copies exclusively available at SCR is limited to one copy per customer! More copies will be deleted! No exceptions!

Feel free to comment about the upcoming releases and / or artworks on the SCR Facebook page.

17.01.2015 - GORILLA MONSOON release details, new music video
The German stoner rock institution proudly announces that their third album is finally ready. Recorded and mixed at the Absurd Studios Hamburg under the eyes of Schroedey, refined in the Temple of Disharmony by Patrick W. Engel , “Firegod - feeding the beast” will be released (CD AND VINYL) under the flag of SUPREME CHAOS RECORDS. Already in the past GORILLA MONSOON and labelboss Robby were having a good time, the band states "The start into this new era feels quite comfortable".

The first release shows are booked:
21.3. Kassel, Goldgrube with Totenmond
27.3. Bischofswerda, East Club with Days of Grace and Black Mood
28.3. Leipzig, UT Connewitz with Caroozer and Metabolic

Of course you can get the new masterpiece there.

There will be the following editions:
- first edition digipak including bonus track
- heavy vinyl, 100 x splatter, 200 x clear, 200 x black

It is already up for preorder HERE!

You can find an audiovisual impression here, straight outta hell:

30.11.2014 - GORILLA MONSOON sign with Supreme Chaos Records, announce new album
We welcome the stoner rockers GORILLA MONSOON aboard!

Founded back in the year 2001, the German doomsters have released various albums on Armageddon / Wacken Records and toured throughout Europe. After years of wait GORILLA MONSOON have finished the works for a new album entitled "Firegod". The band has signed a contract with Supreme Chaos Records to release this filthy pure rock n roll bastard in 2015.

And you can be sure that this record is full of pure dedication, sweat and blood of guys living for rock n roll and nothing else. Hereby you will have a first glimpse on the amazing artwork showcasing this album the right way.

Stay tuned for more information about this one.

Please also visit and like the guys on Facebook because this will make us happy:

We are really looking forward to this one!
Let us rock the year 2015!

03.10.2014 - NECROTTED present music video
Death metal brutals NECROTTED present a music video for the track "Confiscation Day" taken from the upcoming steamroller entitled "Utopia 2.0" which will be released October 10th. Not only that the mix of an interesting lyrical concept meets with brutality of extreme metal, the band also knows how to combine different tempos, so listening to this album really feels like riding a roller coaster.

Some quotes first before you enjoy a short piece of violence:

"Finest blasts, fat groove, brutal growls and screams." (Music Scan)

"Anyone looking for modern and technical death metal with variety and a lot of power, this is your choice." (Hateful Metal)

"Fast and brutal like it has to be." (Timo, Lay Down Rotten)

The cover art simply fits to the lyrics topic:

SCR Webshop
SCR Bandcamp
Nuclear Blast

05.08.2014 - ARCTURON announces new EP

2014 ARCTURON not only celebrates its 10-year anniversary but also returns on stage with a declaration of war! The new EP „Expect Us“ will be released on October 24 and outshines all previous efforts. Being recorded in Swedish Fascinationstreet Studios and produced by Johan Örnborg (Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, etc.) the record shows the impressive potential of the four Swiss. Brilliant guitar riffs, striking melodies and the characteristic wrecking ball feel of the band show that there are no limits in metal music. Furthermore, the quartet lets flow in their work what many victims of their own routine have come to lack over the years: pure, adrenaline-charged passion.

The band says:
„The recordings are finished and we are super happy. Each one of the four songs has turned out to be absolutely sensational and has its very own character. We tried out everything we felt like, without thinking too much. Each song has received the attention it deserves throughout the whole process, and you can hear it. We couldn’t be happier!“

„Expect Us“ will be released on 24 October through Supreme Chaos Records!

Promotion partner: Thoguhtcrime

23.07.2014 - MAY THE SILENCE FAIL team up with Supreme Chaos Records

The melodic death metal outfit MAY THE SILENCE FAIL are now part of the SCR family. The band has two female vocalists which makes it rather special and some of you might be curious. Expect deep growls and nice clean vocals, so something for everyone.

The debut album "Of Hope And Aspiration" will be released in October via SCR.

14.06.2014 - We are moving - Delayed shippings
The SCR headquarters are moving from Southern Germany 500km to the North. This may result in possible delays for order processing.

Thank you for your understanding!

SCR-Robby on the go...

The SCR headquarters are moving from Southern Germany 500km to the North. This may result in possible delays for order processing.

Thank you for your understanding!

But you can support SCR - place your order now!

05.06.2014 - Vinyl release of the new BENIGHTED album "Carnivore Sublime"
Want to spit on mankind?

Benighted released a new video for "Spit" which is featuring Niklas Kvaforth from Shining.
We hereby announce that Supreme Chaos Records will release the new album "Carnivore Sublime" on vinyl exclusively.

There will be 3 editions:
- Clear / Brown / Red Splatter (SCR exclusive) - ltd. 100
- Clear - ltd. 200
- Black - ltd. 200

The vinyl will be pressed on 180g vinyl, the cover with the original splatter Artwork (!) will be matte heavy print. The whole package includes an insert sheet and a poster. The Die-Hard SCR exclusive version will additionally bring a benighted logo sticker.

16.04.2014 - UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence LPs are about to be shipped

Undertow vinyls are shipped right now. The gatefold is simply looking awesome, poster included and white (100) / black (200) heavy vinyl simply fits the artwork.

BUT: People who ordered the signed crowdfunding campaign package may have to wait some more days - we have to get the autographs first. But these ones should be dispatched next week as well.

But we still got some copies left:
UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence [Ltd.WHITE] (LP) - 16,90 EUR
UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence [Ltd.BLACK] (LP) - 16,90 EUR

The details:
- 180g vinyl black (ltd. 200), white (ltd. 100)
- gatefold cover, heavy print
- A2 poster, 2 sided, matte print
- download code

04.04.2014 - Our record store is closing - April 5th Closing Day with 10% discount

Tomorrow we will open our record store for the last time. After more than 3 years of making a dream become real we had to realize that we are running short on time.

The main focus is still our online mailorder. This means that the online shop will be not touched and you can feel free to drop us a message and ask about releasess or place an order.

Tomorrow we will have special opening hours 10am until 8pm and are happy about any single lad showing up. On top we will give a discount of 10% for all record store purchases excluding concert tickets.

You can find the event on Facebook.

Thanks to all our regular customers that joined this experience for the last 3 years!

03.04.2014 - KHAOS KVLT - Still tickets available

There are still tickets available for our KHAOS KVLT festival.

Saturday, 19.04.2014
NOCTE OBDUCTA // EÏS // FÄULNIS // FYRNASK (erste Deutschland-Show überhaupt!) // LUX DIVINA (es)

Sunday, 20.04.2014

Monday, 21.04.2014 national holiday

VVK: 35,- EUR both days // 20,- EUR each day

Tickets are available only at our Online Mailorder or directly at the Metal Nights page.

You can also find the event on Facebook.

01.02.2014 - UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence going to be released on vinyl

Undertow vinyl will happen! Thanks to all the startnext supporters and people who preordered the vinyl version we will go straight ahead! Official release is March 28th but we hope to be able to ship the preorders a lot earlier!

Preorder in our shop!

27.01.2014 - UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence digipak sold out

The last copies of the limited CD edition of the new UNDERTOW album entitled "In Deepest Silence" incl. two exclusive bonus tracks are only available on Startnext!
Here is the link:

23.12.2013 - UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence vinyl crowd funding project
Some of you have asked for a vinyl version of the new UNDERTOW album "In Deepest Silence".
We have been working the past days on a crowd funding campaign to make this become real. Being vinyl maniacs ourselves we thought this might be the right way. UNDERTOW are showing tremendous support for this project and offer some specials for you guys.

To support the campaign and pre-order, please visit the crowd funding project on startnext.

A short DIY video to cheer you up:

Please support and share! Thanks folks!

13.11.2013 - UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence teaser available for listening
In almost three weeks the new UNDERTOW album "In Deepest Silence" will hit the stores (December 6th) on Supreme Chaos Records. But you already may check out the record by listening to the teaser on SoundCloud:

Preorder the album now in our store!

Maik Weichert (Heaven Shall Burn) states:
"I think this is maybe the best and most mature music from a band that never sold out! You can hear that in every second."

Do not forget to like UNDERTOW on facebook:

01.11.2013 - VYRE - The Initial Frontier Pt. 1 full album stream

The German new age pioneers VYRE emerged by three ex EIS members present an exclusive prelistening for their hymns to the infinity of outer space. The first journey into the darkness of the universe will start November 29th with the first audiophile tract entitled "The Initial Frontier Pt. 1".

Aside of this exclusive insight available for 24 hours from now on, the Group will give a live presentation together with their combatants TODTGELICHTER and TRÄUMEN VON AURORA at Falkendom Bielefeld / Germany.

Vyre on Facebook
Preorder the album

23.10.2013 - UNDERTOW release lyric video for new song BoxShapedHeart
UNDERTOW have recently released a lyric video for "BoxShapedHeart", a song taken from the upcoming album "In Deepest Silence".

The album will hit stores 6th of December 2013.

UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence (DIGI) - 13,90 EUR

Do not forget to like the band on facebook:

17.10.2013 - VYRE join Supreme Chaos Records
Vyre have joined forces with Supreme Chaos Records to conquer new, unseen parts of outer space! The first ride to a new universe of sound is called "The Initial Frontier Pt. 1".
Check out a little, neat introduction on youtube:

This first journey will start November 29th and tickets for fellow passengers can be purchesed here priced at 13,90 EUR:
VYRE - The Initial Frontier Pt. 1 CD

VYRE on Facebook:

16.10.2013 - THRAENENKIND records have arrived
The THRAENENKIND vinyl version has arrived and we are stoked!
This turned out as a real beauty. An amazing dreamful album embedded in a beautiful layouted gatefold with high quality sound on double vinyl inclunding many extras.
The group formed by Agrypnie members is perfect for fans of Alcest, Solstafir and the sorts...

Here are the details:
- double vinyl with high quality sound (45rpm)
- 180g clear vinyl with black splatter and black vinyl
- gatefold
- lyrics insert
- A2 poster with 2 sides (!)
- all printed on heavy rough carton (poster, insert, gatefold)
- numbered
- strictly limited edition of 150 copies (clear / black) and 350 (black)

Just watch the picture and you will agree that this is a heavy package and is for sure worth its money!

You can check out the music on YouTube.

Order here:
THRAENENKIND - The Elk (DLP) - 22,90 EUR

04.10.2013 - UNDERTOW - New album in winter, tour with End of Green!

Twenty years after the first rehearsal, many tours, festivals and six albums the band is heading straight forward to the release of the seventh Studio album entitled "The Deepest Silence" which will hit the stores in Winter this years.
Again, this long awaited album will be released by Supreme Chaos Records, first edition will be available as digipak. The predecessor "Don't Pray To The Ashes" was awarded as album of themonth in German ROCK HARD.

Before the release of the new album UNDERTOW will be on the road again with END OF GREEN and wil for sure play some of the new songs. So be there!

The dates:

26.10. Aschaffenburg, ColosSaal (mit End Of Green)
01.11. Bochum, Matrix (mit End Of Green)
02.11. Hamburg, Knust (mit End Of Green)
08.11. Osnabrück, Rosenhof (mit End Of Green)
09.11. Köln, Underground (mit End Of Green)

07.12. Giengen, Schranne (20 Jahre Undertow/Releaseparty "In Deepest Silence" mit den Supports Redrum Inc, Breschdleng, End Of Green)
18.01. Nersingen, Rocks Zombie Rituals Festival III (mit u.a. Casket,


04.09.2013 - FUCK YOU AND DIE behind the scenes - Mastering
FUCK YOU AND DIE have already done some preview videos for their upcoming album - maybe this one is telling the most - some kind of sneak peak commented by Iguana studio owner Christoph Brandes (also produced NECROPHAGIST) who did the final mastering.


12.08.2013 - SCR on Summer Breeze Open Air
We will attend Summer Breeze Open Air 13th-18th of August! If you are there as well feel free to visit our merchandise tent! Everyone is welcomed.

IMPORTANT! For all mailorder customers this may result in delays! Thank you for your understanding!

01.08.2013 - FUCK YOU AND DIE sign with Supreme Chaos Records
The German tech death metal band FUCK YOU AND DIE will release their upcoming album on Supreme Chaos Records.

Album title and more information will be revealed soon.

The band is nothing less but an amazing tech death outfit that is ready to jump in for another German band in the field of technical death metal which you all should know.

The featuring members from DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT, namely drummer Tobi, bass player Giuli and guitar player Sascha, this may be a first indication for the musical brilliancy of this coming output.

We welcome FUCK YOU AND DIE in the SCR family. These guys are lunatics in every possible way - lunatic cool, lunatic technical, lunatic punch in your face! The answer to the question about the next top notch tech death album has to be FUCK YOU AND DIE!

Watch out for more news.

FUCK YOU AND DIE on facebook

06.07.2013 - AGRYPNIE acoustic sessions
It all started as video shot in the woods. AGRYPNIE have recorded three songs as acoustic version including atmospheric videos. You can watch the three amazing videos below:

AGRYPNIE CDs, Vinyl and Merchandise

02.06.2013 - DEAD ALONE publish music video for "Pilgrim"
Melancholic death metal outfit DEAD ALONE have recently released the music video for the song "Pilgrim" which is taken from the "Ad Infinitum" album recently released on Supreme Chaos Records.

DEAD ALONE CDs and merchanidse

27.01.2013 - CARVER release music video for "Teardrop"
Former SUBTERFUGE CARVER have renamed to simply CARVER and as a first sign the band has published a music video for their cover version of MASSIVE ATTACKs "Teardrop".

The track is part of the upcoming album "The Great Riot" which will hit the stores 8th of Februar 2013 in Europe.

Check out the music video below:

Or on youtube:

18.12.2012 - Youngster blues rockers WHITE DAZE are about to release "Preflight"

We welcome Germanys Blues Rock hopefuls WHITE DAZE to the growing Supreme Chaos Records family.
The three piece is blessed with amazing musician ship combined and is not lacking of improvisational talent.

The first release is already coming up in January 2013. The mini album "Preflight" will be the start of this rock outfit that will have a splendid future for sure!

You can already check out their Facebook page for some samples:

An exclusive release show case for "Preflight" will take place January 4th 2013 in the Goldmarks Club Stuttgart / Germany. Be sure to be part of it!

Meanwhile you may preorder "Preflight" in our store...

11.12.2012 - ARCTURON sign to Supreme Chaos Records

ARCTURON, Swiss claiment to the throne of melodic death metal, are going to release their second Album "An Old Storm Brewing" via Supreme Chaos Records.

Guitarist Florian Moritz states: "I was following the bands of SCR for some years now and I'm impressed by the commitment and passion the label shows. We're very happy to be a part of this family now and together with this collaboration, we can take the next steps towards a bright future."

We have been in contact with ARCTURON for quite a long time now. The upcoming album "An Old Storm Brewing" convinced us straight away. Together with the unfailing activity of the band there can only be one way: to the top! We are really pleased that the band wants SUPREME CHAOS RECORDS to support them on their future way.

"An Old Storm Brewing" will be released January 18th 2013.

These 11 amazing tracks were recorded in the well-known Abyss studios in Sweden by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry).

ARCTURON on Facebook
ARCTURON official Homepage

07.11.2012 - AGRYPNIE exclusive prelistening for ten fans

After mixing and mastering for the new AGRYPNIE album have been finished it is time to announce the release date for "Aetas Cineris".
Unfortunately it's not going to be this year anymore. The album will be released at the end of February 2013. It will be available as limited digibook as well as a strictly limited vinyl release.

In case you want to listen the new album in advance... On November 24th there will be a listening session in the SCR Metal Shop in Ludwigsburg for our press partners. You want to be part of this event? You want to meet AGRYPNIE, want to hang out with the band for some beer and ask questions about Aetas Cineris? Ten fans will have the opportunity to be part of this event which also includes an aftershow party in the famous Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg.

To be part simply drop a mail to until November 11th and let us know why YOU want to be part of it.

The album was recorded in the SU2 studios in Germany. Eklatenz from Heretoir contributed some guest vocals.

The album has the following track listing and is running almost 80 minutes:
1. Trümmer / Aetas Cineris
2. Dezember
3. Zurück
4. Kosmos [Alpha]
5. Gnosis
6. Erwachen
7. Sinnflut
8. Asche

12.08.2012 - We welcome DEAD ALONE on Supreme Chaos Records

Hailing from Munich/Germany, the melodic death metal outfit DEAD ALONE joined the Supreme Chaos Records family. With their third full length album entitled "Ad Infinitum", the band takes another big step forward. The four piece delivers a completely brilliant record.

"Ad Infinitum" will be released in September 2012.

06.08.2012 - AGRYPNIE promo shoot for the upcoming album

The last preparations for the release of AGRYPNIEs new album "Aetas Cineras" are being made at the moment. On our page you can see the first result of the promo shoot for this album.

AGRYPNIE merchandise in our shop

30.07.2012 - HELLSAW - Trist full song on soundcloud
You can listen to a full song from the HELLSAW album "Trist" on our soundcloud page. We have uploaded the complete title track.

Just visit our soundcloud page:

You can find HELLSAW records in our SHOP

20.07.2012 - NECROTTED - Anchors Apart sample
On our Soundcloud account we have posted "This Bluestery Ocean", the first song of NECROTTEDs amazing first strike "Anchors Apart" which is now in stores in central Europe and available through a lot of mailorders, including our shop.

22.05.2012 - ANOTHER PERFECT DAY ready to ship
Finally, ANOTHER PERFECT DAYs new album "four songs for the left behind" is ready to ship.

Ratings so far: 9/10
Edelmetall 9,5/10 4/5
Planetheavymetal 5/5
Metalnews 5,5/7
The Pit 8,5/10
MyRevelations 12/15
Death Metal Baboon 8,5/10
Eternity Mag 4/6

24.04.2012 - ANOTHER PERFECT DAY delays
Due to a horrible production mistake we had to take back the whole ANOTHER PERFECT DAY "Four songs for the left behind" stock.

The manufacturing company used the wrong master and it was kind of a surprise to listen to some Irish folk tracks instead of progressive death metal.

Therefor all shipments have to be delayed until the reprint has arrived.

New release dates are:
Germany / Austria / Switzerland - 25th of May
UK - 28th of May
Rest of World - 25th of May

Meanwhile you can watch some more videos from Mr. Kohlekeller himself:



29.03.2012 - ANOTHER PERFECT day first making of for new mini-album
ANOTHER PERFECT DAY are preparing to release a mini album entitled "Four songs for the left behind" on Supreme Chaos Records. The successor of the much valuated debut album "The Gothenburg Post Scriptum" will contain five songs ranging from death metal to melodic progressive metal.

Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner, who is also known for his work as producer for bands like Powerwolf, Crematory, Benighted and Flowing Tears, is gathering a variety of guest musicians to contribute guest vocals, amongst them Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale) who states "I finished my track and I must say it's one of the coolest songs I have ever been a part of in a loong time."

The drums were played by Roel van Helden (Powerwolf, Subsignal).

Other guests are Julien Truchan (Benighted), Asphodel (Pin-Up Went Down), Frank Nordmann (Agathodaimon, Asaru) and Dominic G. Joutsen (Heavenwood, Powerwolf) who is providing additional orchestration.

The first making-of video (featuring Roel van Helden) is now available on youtube:

06.01.2012 - Announcement of server update
On Tuesday, 10th of January, around 2 am CET our web server data will be moved to a bigger machine to guarantee better availability.
There may be a short time when our pages are not available.
We will back around approx 6 am with full power!

25.12.2011 - with 10 years SCR special have supported us through the last years and have now published a small 10 years label special (unfortunately available in German only) with some pictures from the label shop and an interview with Robby. SCR Special SCR Interview

16.12.2011 - ANOTHER PERFECT DAY promo picture wins Al Thani Award
The promo picture which is entitled "Scream" and was taken by Stephan Langerwisch has won the fourth place of the highly distinguished Al Thani Awards in the category "Emotion color prints". The prize is a gold medal.

You may check out the picture and the photographers profile on the German fotocommunity portal or the official site for the Al Thani Awards.

Find ANOTHER PERFECT DAY on facebook for news and updates.

23.11.2011 - SCR Metal Shop - internet failure - no shippings possible
Due to a complete internet failure in our region we are unable to ship parcels at the moment. Sorry for the inconvience. Please check Twitter - we will keep you updated there!

19.11.2011 - 10 years SCR special on Podsafe Metal Pilot radio
We are right now compiling some tracks for a 10 years SCR special on Podsafe Metal Pilot radio which will start tomorrow, on Sunday, November 20th 2011. The live show starts 9PM CET.

Besides of loads of music from SCR artists you will have the posibility to win CDs, merchandise and more.

Pod Safe Metal pilot
Live show November 20th

14.11.2011 - AGRYPNIE - first edition merchandise for Asche almost sold out!
The first edition of the AGRYPNIE - Asche merchandise (shirts with white logo on sleeve / zipper with white logo on front) are almost sold out!
This is the exclusive first edition, second edition will vary and have a grey logo print.

Also we only have a handful of copies of the transparent vinyl version of Asche (limited to only 100 copies!).

So be fast and get one of the last copies in our shop!

27.10.2011 - AGRYPNIE - follow the band on the tour
On the AGRYPNIE facebook page you can read comments of the band on the last venues and a short note for each day of the tour with Dornenreich.

21.10.2011 - AGRYPNIE tour with Dornenreich starts 25th of October
Everything is packed and organized for the upcoming second leg of the AGRYPNIE / Dornenreich tour. Check out the dates:

25.10.2011 AUT Salzburg, Rockhouse /w Noricum
26.10.2011 GER Leipzig, Theaterfabrik
27.10.2011 NL Aurora Infernalis Festival Part III /w Absu, Forgotten Tomb, Khold, more
28.10.2011 GER Frankfurt, Nachtleben
29.10.2011 CZ Plzen-Slovany, Phantoms of Pilsen 5 /w more
30.10.2011 AT Graz, Explosiv
31.10.2011 ITA San Polo Brescia, Black Lake Fest VI - pt.3 w/ more
Additional date - AGRYPNIE only:
12.11.2011 CH Dietikon, Sounddock /w Dark Fortress, Borgne

AGRYPNIE - Asche merchandise will be shipped right after the tour (2nd of November) as well as all the digipak and vinyl preorders. The vinyl unfortunately were not ready in time for the tour.
IMPORTANT: Asche Merchandise will be available starting 2nd day of the tour in Leipzig.

20.10.2011 - SCR Metal Shop events - 10 Years of Chaos / Metal the old ways
Saturday, 22th of October 2011 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Supreme Chaos Records. The label was founded in 2001 and has been evolving through the years constantly. Today, 10 years later, there are more than 60 releases and a quite diversified, yet sophisticated roster.

The day will have three parts:
12am-04pm - SCR Metal Shop Open Hours
04pm-08pm - SCR Anniversary in the SCR Metal Shop courtyard
09pm-05am - Metal The Old Ways party at the infamous Rockfabrik Club in Ludwigsburg (Club 2 - with DJs sG / Secrets Of The Moon and Robby / SCR)

Flyer and facebook event for 10 Years of Chaos

Flyer and facebook event for Metal The Old Ways

Expect a lot of cheapos, new stuff and everything for your well-being.

19.09.2011 - AGRYPNIE merchandise for "Asche EP"

Now available for preordering: Merchandise for the upcoming AGRYPNIE "Asche EP".
Check out our store.

13.09.2011 - AGRYPNIE "Asche EP" will also be available on vinyl
The upcoming "Asche EP" from AGRYPNIE will also be released on vinyl. This means this record is the first AGRYPNIE album which receives a vinyl release.
The vinyl release is printed on 180g high quality vinyl and comes with beautiful gatefold artwork.
An exclusive die-hard-edition features transparent red vinyl color and is limited to 100 copies only.
The regular vinyl color is transparent ash grey which is limited to 400 copies.

You may preorder the vinyl edition in our shop.

06.09.2011 - AGRYPNIE "Asche EP" now available for preorder

After a very successful tour at the beginning of 2011, AGRYPNIE have now finished the first songs for their upcoming album which will be published Spring 2012.

Two of the brand new songs will be available in advance on the "Asche EP". The EP also contains three previously unrelased tracks. Again, ambient artist Mathias Grassow contributes some of his great work to this record.

One demo version of one of the tracks was added to the EP to document the development of a song from AGRYPNIE from the first rough recordings to the finished album version.

Here is the track listing:

1. Gnosis
2. Erwachen
3. 1.10#06+0.35
4. Augenblick
5. Kosmos [Omega]
6. Augenblick (Demo Version)

The first edition of the "Asche EP" which has a playing time beyond 40 minutes, will be available in October (on Tour) or in regular shops in 11-11-2011 with a beautiful two folded digipak which is limited to 1000 copies only.

Also there are high quality embroidered AGRYPNIE beanies available now.

You may find all AGRYPNIE items here.

26.08.2011 - HATESPHERE - The Great Bludgeoning vinyl edition

We hereby announce that we will release the vinyl edition of the upcoming HATESPHERE album "The Great Bludgeoning". It will be a strictly limited edition which includes a splatter die-hard version on clear vinyl with transparent red splatter.
All versions will be released with a beautiful gatefold cover and on heavy 180g vinyl.

HATESPHERE keep up the good work dispite replacing several band members. A forcing and powerful Thrash Metal album from the Danish metal kings.

You may preorder your copy here

P.S.: The die-hard version is limited to 100 copies only and available through SCR and only a few partners exclusively!

06.08.2011 - 10 Years Supreme Chaos Records SCR Mid Price #2
Next mid price campaign - all zippers from AGRYPNIE for 24,90 EUR only, Shirts 9,90 EUR, Girlies 12,90 EUR!

Check out

Prices will be only valid until August 13th!

Celebrate our 10th anniversary with us!

29.07.2011 - AGRYPNIE end first part of recordings for festival appearance
Currently recording the upcoming opus "Asche", AGRYPNIE decided to take a break from the recordings to perform on Baden in Blut Festival 2011. The festival location is near France and Switzerland.

AGRYPNIE will finish the vocal recordings and mixing in September.

27.07.2011 - New Twitter account
We have changed the twitter account name due to the new record store. But we also think that this is ways better to remember.

Check it out at:

26.07.2011 - AGRYPNIE new tourdates revealed
AGRYPNIE will interrupt the recordings for their next full length entitled "Asche" to be back on tour in October 2011 with DORNENREICH performing the second leg of the "Flammentriebe / 16[485]" tour.
On this tour for the first time you will have the possibility to get your hands on a strictly limited tour edition digipak EP containing exclusive songs which will be only sold by the band and SCR!

The dates:
25.10.2011 AT - Salzburg / Rockhouse Bar
26.10.2011 DE - Leipzig / Theaterfabrik
27.10.2011 NL - Arnhem / Aurora Infernalis festival
28.10.2011 DE - Frankfurt / Nachtleben
29.10.2011 CZ - Pilsen / Phantoms of Pilsen festival
30.10.2011 AT - Graz / Explosiv
31.10.2011 IT - Brescia / Black Lake festival

AGRYPNIE diary for "Asche" recordings on facebook

19.07.2011 - AGRYPNIE merchandise special offer

We will start our 10th anniversary special offer weeks with an AGRYPNIE merchandise offer.
AGRYPNIE "16[485]" Backprint shirts will be available for 8,90 Euros only!
This offer is good only until 31st of July!

You can look for the shirts here.

18.07.2011 - AGRYPNIE currently recording the next studio album "Asche"

German avantgarde black metallers AGRYPNIE are currently recording their next album "Asche" which will be released in Spring 2012. The recordings taking place in the SU2 studios will include an appetizer EP with exclusive songs. It will be released as a strictly limited digipak in Autumn 2011 and only available on tour and in our online store!

We will inform you when preorders can be placed. Remember to be fast to grab your copy!

Pictures of the recording session can be found on the AGRYPNIE facebook page.

12.07.2011 - ANOTHER PERFECT DAY about to finish works on EP
The studio project ANOTHER PERFECT DAY under the aegis of Kristian "Kohlmannslehner" Bonifer will be continued with a diversified EP containing five tracks and a total playing time of almost 30 minutes.

We recently had the possibility to listen to two of the songs which are actually combined to one song but will be separated on the EP.
This amazing song features Dan Swanö (Nightingale, ex Edge Of Sanity) on vocals, Sam Antezberger (Fragments Of Unbecoming, Dead Eyed Sleeper) on vocals, Roel Van Helden (Subsignal) on drums, the Russian Orchestra and "vocals" from a crazy French girl which results in variety to the max.

Expect the EP with an exclusive artwork to be released as classy digipak (first edition) in Autumn / Winter 2011.

04.07.2011 - DEAD EYED SLEEPER - Observing Oblivion - first reactions

There are still several copies of the limited box edition of DEAD EYED SLEEPER latest album available. The limited classy wooden box also includes the predecessor "Through Forests Of Nonentities". states: "Technique and groove at its highest level." 9/10 points

FFM rock says that "DEAD EYED SLEEPER are on their way to the olymp when it comes to progressive death metal music."

We will have some merchandise for the new album available as well within the next days.

10.06.2011 - Phishing mails from
You might receive emails from a mail address ending with offering you discount for our shop if you fill out a survey.

This email is NOT from us. Please mark this mail as spam and do NOT fill in any of the demanded information.

We are currently investigating this issue. It seems like our webserver was hacked last week. Unfortunately the hackers also seem to have downloaded a database dump.

We are already in contact with our web hoster concerning this issue. (if you are into IT - we have a managed server which is administrated by our hoster, all our computers were checked with several bullet proof tools and they are totally clean. We could trace down the attack by revising our server logs.)

We are try to get more information and will report this case to the police including all the information we have found out so far.

We deeply apologize about any inconvenience. We would never give away any consumer data. As first conclusion we already changed the software infrastructure on the server to protect your data as best as possible.

In times when even big technologie companies like Sony have to fear cyber attacks we have to admit that it is almost impossible to exclude all eventualities.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message.

02.02.2011 - New AGRYPNIE merchandise for upcoming tour
New shirts, girlies and zippers have arrived which are about to be sold on AGRYPNIEs tour with DORNENREICH.
In our shop you may also purchase your nice looking copy in advance...

Find the shirts here.

28.12.2010 - Opening a record store and move
Because of our move to our new record store / office and the opening of the record store there might be delays of shipping during in the time between christimas and new years eve, especially from 25th until 29th of December.

Note: You will always get a shipping confirmation via e-mail when your order has been shipped.

Starting 1st of January 2011 you may even pick up your order at our record store. Please ask for more details.

Grand opening of the record store including an unplugged performance of CARVER will take place 7th of January 2011 starting at 4pm. The adress is Karlstr. 7, 71638 Ludwigsburg. Be there!

You may get some more information about the move and record store opening on twitter at

Thank you for your understanding.

23.11.2010 - DEAD EYED SLEEPERs Corny Althammer on tour with Disbelief
Corny Althammer - permanent drum maniac in DEAD EYED SLEEPER and AHAB will play drums for Disbelief on their upcoming tour with Six Feet Under!
Hope all work for the new DEAD EYED SLEEPER album is done then...
We will keep you updated!

19.11.2010 - Stuttgart fair trade tomorrow
We proudly announce the tomorrows presentation of a new project to become part of our record company. We will open a rock and metal record store in Ludwigsburg / Germany where you can pick up your stuff personally.

The location will be published as the first flyers are spread announcing the grand opening in January 2011.

So if you are around, visit us at Stuttgart fair trade (in front of hall 1) 20th of November 2010.

24.09.2010 - AGRYPNIE and NOCTE OBDUCTA merchandise reprints have arrived
Finally we have received all reprints of AGRYPNIE merchnadise for their current album "16[486]" as well as for the ppredecessor "Exit". Check out AGRYPNIE stuff in our shop here.

The "Abschied" and "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" designs from NOCTE OBDUCTA have also been reissued. You may order them here.

22.09.2010 - AGRYPNIE with new bassist, Torsten participates on Nostalgia album

With Matthias (also Bonjour Tristesse), AGRYPNIE have found a new bass guitarist (3rd from left on the picture) and are now rehearsing for the coming autumnal live shows.

Since his return from Australia, AGRYPNIE mastermind Torsten and John from Agalloch contributed guest guitar parts for the upcoming Nostalgia album "Echoes from the Borderland". The project is initiated by solo artists Rüdiger Gleisberg and Mathias Grassow (who also worked with Torsten on the last AGRYPNIE album entitled "16[485]").

Besides Torsten is already working on new material for AGRYPNIE...

10.09.2010 - AGRYPNIE surprise show in Hof / Germany
There will be a surprise showcase of AGRYPNIE tomorrow, 10th of September in Hof (GER). They will share stage with
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS and some more.
If you can - attend this show! The first show in 2010!

If you cannot - check them out on one of their upcoming shows:
10.09.2010 Hof - Grüne Haidt
16.10.2010 Seebach / Thüringen - Waldeshall Festival
30.10.2010 Stuttgart - Landespavillon
27.11.2010 Dortmund - Zentrum Scharnhorst
29.04.2010 Lichtenfels - Ragnarök Festival

29.06.2010 - Out of office until July 5th 2010
We will be attending the Pearl Jam concert in Berlin / With Full Force open air in Roitzschjora 29th of June until 5th of July 2010 and therefor will not be able to process any orders or mails.

Thank you for your understanding.

At you might follow the whole happning a little bit.

17.06.2010 - Out of office until June 20th 2010
We will be attending the Sonisphere Festival in the Czech Republic June 17th until June 20th 2010 and therefor will not be able to process any orders or mails.

Thank you for your understanding.

At you might follow the whole happning a little bit.

10.05.2010 - ANOTHER PERFECT DAY teaser
A teaser for the recently released ANOTHER PERFECT DAY debut "The Gothenburg Post Scriptum" is available on youtube:

The first release from studio master Kohle (Kohlekeller Studios) features progressive melodic death metal and guest musicians like:

Dan Swanö (vocals - Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbatth etc.)
Jagger (vocals - Disbelief)
Arno Menses (vocals - Sieges Even, Subsignal)
Sascha Schiller (drums - Solar Fragment)

Available NOW as limited digipak version and jewelcase CD!

Order you copy here: shop search for Another Perfect Day

Check out more songs at

Also available as download on Amazon, iTunes, Musicload and more...

02.02.2010 - New signing: ANOTHER PERFECT DAY
With ANOTHER PERFECT DAY, we have signed the solo project run by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner (known from the Kohlekeller Studios). In the beginning of the 90's, he was able to blow up some dust in the German underground scene.

The band's debut album "The Gothenburg Post Scriptum" will be released in spring 2010 - almost 17 years after founding the band. The title is synonymous for the music - a mix of death metal in the vein of the Gothenburg era with progressive rock influences.

We are really happy about this new signing and we will post more exciting information about the new album in the near future. So stay tuned!

29.01.2010 - AGRYPNIE looking for bassist and keyboard player
Since AGRYPNIE is planning a massive live presence for 2011, the band is now looking for new musicians.

Due to his duties in the alternative metal outfit CHEENO, Carsten has decided to quit his position as bass player in AGRYPNIE. Moreover, AGRYPNIE is still looking for a session keyboard player.

If you are playing either bass guitar or keyboard, do not hesitate to write the band directly:

15.01.2010 - AGRYPNIE album available (also in UK and on iTunes)
Finally, the new long player from Germans post black metal band AGRYPNIE has been unleashed! However, we might run out of DigiPaks soon - so be fast and order your copy now!

Today, the album is officially released in Germany / Austria / Switzerland and on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other download portals.

We are also happy to announce the UK release on 1st of February 2010 through our new partner Code7 Music / Plastic Head Distribution.

Stay tuned for updates regarding new merchandise which has also arrived today!

07.12.2009 - AGRYPNIE album "16[485]" delayed
Because of problems in the manufacturing process, AGRYPNIEs album "16[485]" has to be delayed - again. Our distributor has understandably forced us to set the new release date to 15th of January 2010. This is due to the fact that Christmas and New Years Eve are right next door and of course the people working at the distributor want to have some holidays as well.

We feel really sorry for the fans who have already preordered the album and are waiting to receive it before christmas. And again this is beyond our control. We hope that these problems will not occur again in the future.

All SCR customers who preordered the album will receive it exactly one week before the official release date and be sure we will add some AGRYPNIE stickers to your order!

01.12.2009 - AGRYPNIE album preview, new merchandise

AGRYPNIE have put up a preview website for their upcoming album:
There you can find samples and some more details about "16[485]". Unfortunately we had to postpone the release of the album. New release date is the 18th of December 2009, SCR orders will be shipped starting 11th of December exclusively!

Meanwhile we can reveal the first merchandise for the new album. You may find the complete shirt here: AGRYPNIE merchandise @ SCR Shop

09.10.2009 - AGRYPNIE reveal cover art and track listing for '16[485]'
The third album from AGRYPNIE is more raging and yet more varied than its two predecessors. Accompanied with a notably oppressive artwork, the world of sound which was created by ex NOCTE OBDUCTA singer Torsten is aloof from any black metal clichés, based on ambitious lyrics.

Alboin (also known from Geist - lyrics and vocals) and the renowned ambient artist Mathias Grassow were contributing works for this album as studio guests.

AGRYPNIE - 16[485] Cover (click for larger version)

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Der tote Trakt
3. Kadavergehorsam
4. Verfall
5. Schlaf
6. Zorn
7. F15.2
8. Morgen
9. 16[485] / Brücke aus Glas
10. Figur109

'16[485]' will be released as strictly limited digipak version in DVD box size and as usual jewelcase CD.

The album will be officially released 11th of December 2009, SCR customers will receive the album starting 4th of December - this means one week earlier!

Preorders for '16[485]' can be placed now.

29.09.2009 - Tomorrow: Metal Nights with Secrets Of The Moon / Sólstafir / Code
Our concerts series METAL NIGHTS is growing. After having Dornenreich / Ahab / Fjoergyn on stage, the great package Secrets Of The Moon / Sólstafir / Code will be next tomorrow!

See for details and great events in the future!

10.09.2009 - New MySpace site on the way
We are currently working on a new MySpace page together with Stefan from GraveArt. The first version looks very nice - we hope we can get it up asap.

Stay tuned and keep coming back - because we will have a lottery coming with the new MySpace site!

01.09.2009 - eBay summer blow out
We are putting up a lot of cheap items on eBay at the moment. They are starting at 1 Euro per CD / LP. Check them out here:

20.08.2009 - AGRYPNIE finishing recordings for upcoming album "16[485]"
At the moment AGRYPNIE are adding the finishing touches to their upcoming album "16[485]". This will be the first album for a recently signed a new three album record deal with Supreme Chaos Records.

The prelistening session on Summer Breeze Open Air 2009 was a full success. The press was surprised and obviously convinced by the first impressions of the new album.

Again, this AGRYPNIE album will be released as a special collectors edition and as usual jewelcase version. The release is set to beginning of December 2009.

12.08.2009 - Out of office for Summer Breeze open air - no orders will be processed!
Due to our presence at the Summer Breeze Open Air 2009 we will be out of office 12th of August 2009 until 16th and therefor will not be able to process any orders.

Follow twitter to read what is happening there:

10.08.2009 - SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2009: Twitter live report & where to buy SCR stuff
We will be reporting from the Summer Breeze Open Air 2009, especially from the AGRYPNIE listening session. Check it out at Be prepared for a full report including all details (who knows where we will end up after some beers?).

On the festival ground you will find NOCTE OBDCUTA and AGRYPNIE merchandise at GRAU exclusively. Go and get some!

24.07.2009 - NOCTE OBDUCTA and AGRYPNIE new Merchandise
First of all - finally - there are patches available for NOCTE OBDUCTA and AGRYPNIE! Both are high quallity embroidered patches with the band logo!

Second we will have new copies of the sold out NOCTE OBDUCTA merchandise for "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" available starting on Monday, 27th of July 2009. Check it out and order your size if you have not got hold of some of a "Abschied" or "Sequenzen" shirt, yet!

AGRYPNIE merchandise
NOCTE OBDUCTA merchandise

10.07.2009 - AGRYPNIE announce album title and post new promo shoot
Torsten, mastermind of the modern black metal group AGRYPNIE and ex Nocte Obducta singer, has announced "16[485]" as title for the upcoming epos with a playtime of almost 80 minutes.

Also the band has posted a new promo shoot with the current line up:

From left to right:
Martin - Guitar
Patrick (Ex-Nocte Obducta, Melkor) - Guitar
Torsten (Ex-Nocte Obducta) - Vocals, guitar and songwriting
René (Ex-Rising Hate) - Drums

Live musicians:
Carsten (Ex-Autumnblaze, Cheeno) - Bass

09.07.2009 - DEAD EYED SLEEPER voted 7/7 in Metal Hammer, Imhotep Norway 6/6
The SCR debut "Through forests of Nonentities" of our progressive death metal hopefuls DEAD EYED SLEEPER have received 7 out of 7 points in the German Metal Hammer (see review) and 6 out of 6 possible points in the Norwegian Imhotep Magazine (See review).

This is simply amazing and shows the impressive work they have contributed. But that these very positive reviews have arrived late also shows that you have to see the album as a whole and have to listen more than once to enjoy it to the full...

20.06.2009 - SUBCONSCIOUS seeking new guitar player
The progressive death metal act SUBCONSCIOUS from Stuttgart is looking heavily for a new guitar player. Competent musicians may check out the band on MySpace and get in touch via mail to subconscious-metal[ät]

18.06.2009 - Festival appearances of our artists
19.+20.6.2009 Metallic Noise Festival

17.+18.7.2009 Zabbaduschder Open Air

24.-26.7.2009 48er Festival

19.+20.6.2009 Metallic Noise Festival

12.05.2009 - DEAD EYED SLEEPER new album streamed on myspace
Check out "Through Forests of Nonentities", the upcoming album from the progressive death metal outfit DEAD EYED SLEEPER, on myspace. It will be fully streamed on the bands myspace page until the official release on 15th of May 2009.

Preorder the new album in our shop as jewelcase version or as limited classy wooden box edition with burned-in logo. This version will be only available at SCR shop and the DEAD EYED SLEEPER web page! Shipping starts 15th of May.

05.05.2009 - SUBTERFUGE CARVER announce unplugged showcases for EP "Sessions"
To promote the recently released online unplugged EP "Sessions", CARVER will perform several showcases. The first two special shows will be part of the Pop Open 2009 trade fair on 9th of May 2009:

10:30 Stuttgart, Hauptbahnhof
19:30 Stuttgart, Schlossplatz

A special physical CD version of the online EP including several videos will be available at the showcase!
Their label mates BRESCHDLENG will also perform a special unplugged showcase there:

18:30 Stuttgart, Schlossplatz

Enjoy these special showcases!

05.05.2009 - ((SUBTERFUGE)) CARVER nominated for music award MARS
CARVER are nominated for the local music award MARS (Music Award Region Stuttgart). Decisions will be announced Friday.
The band alrwady won this award in 2006. Maybe this is the second time? We will keep you updated!

24.04.2009 - SUBTERFUGE CARVER "Sessions" unplugged release
Usually dealing with progressive metal, with the "Sessions" EP SUBTERFUGE CARVER wanted to point out their variety and ability to write and peform accoustic rock songs. With past unplugged showcases the German quartett has proven that they can touch their audience deeply with unexpected sentimental music that make you skin shiver - in contrary to their claim to write highly progressive extreme metal tunes with a lot of aggression.
But here all you get is a contrabass working closely together with a soulful percussionist, accoustic steel guitars and at last but not least a singer of great talent performing the songs with all of his heart.
With these rock songs - Get suprised, experience the unexpected and maybe even gain a new opinion about metal musicians!

Available now on iTunes, MusicLoad and others. A special cheap CD version will be available soon!

14.04.2009 - Get updates on Twitter
We recently joined Twitter to post some just-in-time updates. Check out our twitter blog at and click "Follow".

31.03.2009 - Meet us at Musikmesse Frankfurt
We will be at Musikmesse Frankfurt 1st to 4th of April 2009. You can meet us at hall 4.2, stand E59. Any meeting requests are welcome.

Please notice that we will not be able to ship any order during that time! Thank you for your understanding!

27.03.2009 - Metal Nights - AGRYPNIE, homepage and tickets
The homepage for our our (chaos) metal night concert series has been relaunched!

A new ticket system was implemented where you can easily buy tickets and print them yourself, without any shipping costs.

The first e-Tickets will be available for the show with Agathodaimon and AGRYPNIE + 2 supports which will take place 28th of March 2009 in Stuttgart / GER, Club Zentral.

Do not hesitate to visit!

18.03.2009 - NOCTE OBDUCTA Stille on iTunes, Musicload and others
In the future some releases will have links for the iTunes and Musicload store. The first releases which are available in almost all MP3 stores are NOCTE OBDUCTA "Stille" and CHEENO "Try To Rescue" (released on Virtual Rock).
Check them out on iTunes and Musicload!

03.02.2009 - DEAD EYED SLEEPER sign with SCR
DEAD EYED SLEEPER sign with Supreme Chaos Records! The band emerged from the former LEGACY and features some known faces: Sam from Fragments of Unbecoming on vocals, Stephan from AHAB on guitar and Corny - also from AHAB - on drums.

The first result of the collaboration with this sophisticated Death Metal outfit will be the album "Through Forests Of Nonentities"; available in stores from May 2009. It offers technical progressive Death Metal which places the five-piece somewhere between Necrophagist and Opeth.

We are really looking forward to this collaboration!

Additional information and some samples of this upcoming release will be posted shortly. The album will also be available as limited collectors edition in a classy wooden box.

14.01.2009 - NOCTE OBDUCTA Merchandise available now
Shipments for shirts of the latest and last NOCTE OBDUCTA album "Sequenzen
einer Wanderung" will start today. In addition, some new sizes have become
available. Check out our shop! We expect the shirts to be sold out very

30.12.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA wooden box available again
We still have some copies of the limited edition of NOCTE OBDUCTA's "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" in stock - you can order the wooden box in our shop again. Be fast - we're only talking about a few copies!

23.12.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA delays the second
After several new delivery dates and empty promises from the manufacturer, we can finally ship all preordered wooden boxes of the NOCTE OBDUCTA farewell album "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" today. We are really sorry for these delays but we were of course relying on the assured delivery date on the part of our supplier. Thank you very much for your patience.
Unfortunately, we are facing the same issue regarding the new NOCTE OBDUCTA shirts which will be shipped seperately at the beginning of January 2009.

22.12.2008 - AGRYPNIE seeking new guitar players; in songwriting mode
AGRYPNIE had to part ways with their former guitar players for organisational reasons. The band wants to focus on its live performance and therefore increase rehearsal activities which was not possible because some members live too far away.
AGRYPNIE are now looking for new guitar players. If you are interested, please get in touch with the band via their Myspace page or official web page.
In the meantime, the band has almost finished songwriting for the next album which is planned to be recorded in September 2009.

12.12.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA new merchandise available for preorders
New merchandise for the upcoming NOCTE OBDUCTA album is available for preorders now. All shirts will be shipped together with the new NOCTE OBDUCTA album starting December, 19th.

Here are some previews:
"Abschied" T-Shirt preview
"Sequenzen einer Wanderung" T-Shirt preview

Order NOCTE OBDUCTA merchandise and albums in our shop: search for NOCTE OBDUCTA

08.12.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA woodbox sold out!
The preorders for NOCTE OBDUCTAs "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" have been overwhelming! The woodbox is sold out! All customers who ordered the box will get their copy starting 19th of December. If you get the chance to catch a copy somehwere else - be fast!
The Jewelcase version is still available but will be sold out soon as well!

05.12.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA Sequenzen einer Wanderung delayed release date
Due to unexpected manufacturing issues involving the limited woodbox and vinyl edition of NOCTE OBDUCTA's "Sequenzen einer Wanderung", we have to announce a delay of this release. We would like to apologize to all customers who have been expecting the album to arrive within the next few days – however, the reason for the delay is far beyond our control.
The new release date for all versions has been set to December 19th, 2008.

25.11.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA Sequenzen einer Wanderung LP Cover
As expected the artwork for the LP version of "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" differs from the CD and Woodbox artwork.
Check out the artwork on the right side in the detailed view of the LP.

12.11.2008 - SCR presents A Night Of Doom
A highly demanded package of doom bands can be seen at Club Zentral in Stuttgart 14th of November 2008. Ahab, Black Shape Of Nexus and Dust share the stage on this special doom event we set up because many people were looking for those bands to play live.
Here are the details:

14.11.2008 Stuttgart (GER), Club Zentral
Ahab, Black Shape Of Nexus, Dust
Doors: 19:30 - Beginning: 20:30
Tickets: 12,- EUR

11.11.2008 - AGRYPNIE Line up changes, new website
Bass player Carsten left AGRYPNIE because of time issues. Surprisingly the bass is taken over by Patrick who also used played the low strings at NOCTE OBDUCTA.
More pleasant are the news about the relaunch of the bands website which has been updated with the artwork of the last album "EXIT".

03.11.2008 - NOCTE OBDUCTA album trailer online
A video trailer for NOCTE OBDUCTAs upcoming and long awaited farewell album is available our recently added media section. Feel free to watch it and feel the vibes of this anticipated masterpiece...

02.11.2008 - New homepage online
It was more than necessary and finally we got the new homepage layout up. Check it out and check our store. The new layout is similar to the layout of our Prevision Music label (see right bottom for link).

06.10.2008 - SCR at POPKOMM 2008
We will attend the POPKOMM in Berlin 8th of October until 10th of October. You will find us in Hall 20, Stand 103.
So we will not be able to ship any order during this time. Thank you for your understanding !

18.09.2008 - New AGRYPNIE merchandise
The shirts for AGRYPNIEs latest output "Exit" have arrived. Find all AGRYPNIE shirts, girlies, longsleeves and hoodies in our online shop by searching for AGRYPNIE.

06.09.2008 - New Prevision Music homepage
With our sub label PREVISION MUSIC we try to support independent artists which do not fit into the SCR roaster where you always can expect progressive, avantgarde and excentric extreme music. Check out the brand new PREVISION MUSIC homepage:

11.08.2008 - SCR: Out of office for Summer Breeze
We will be out of office 13th of August until 17th of August because of Summer Breeze Open Air.

08.08.2008 - SUBTERFUGE CARVER Unplugged gig & SCR Release Party
A special BLEEDING NOSE event is planned for Saturday, 09th of August 2008 in Stuttgart, Club Prag:
- Till Burgwächter will read his books
- Release party for our upcoming releases (AGRYPNIE, MOURNING RISE, SUBCONSCIOUS)
- SUBTERFUGE CARVER will play unplugged
Be there !

01.08.2008 - Release Parties MOURNING RISE / AGRYPNIE / SUBCONSCIOUS
There will be release parties for the new releases of MOURNING RISE / AGRYPNIE / SUBCONSCIOUS:
01.08.2008 Leipzig, Club Helheim
02.08.2008 Ludwigsburg, Rofabrik
06.08.2008 Darmstadt, Steinbruch Theater
Of course you can win a lot of merch as well as the new releases !

22.07.2008 - SCR: Neuer Webserver
As mentioned before we will move to new web server and may not be able to guarantee that the page is non-stop reachable the next days.
We will inform you about more details if we know the exact point in time.

20.07.2008 - AGRYPNIE: Suchen Keyboarder
AGRYPNIE are currently looking for a keyboard player to complete their live line up. There are some shows planned and the band will perform on Germany's Summer Breeze Open Air. Get in touch via the |AGRYPNIE homepage|.

17.06.2008 - SCR: Out of office
We will be out of office 19th of June until 26th of June for a trip to the French Hellfest (

So please be patient, espacially concerning orders.

01.06.2008 - SCR: New samples for upcoming releases
On our |MySpace profile| we have made some new samples available which were taken from our upcoming releases. Check out the samples and get a picture of the upcoming SUBCONSCIOUS and AGRYPNIE full lengths as well as of the MOURNING RISE mini album which can be now preordered in our |releases section|.

12.05.2008 - MOURNING RISE: Sign with SCR
The experimental rockers MOURNING RISE have found a new home with SCR. First result of the freshly inked deal will be "5 Ways to Illuminate Silence", a 25 minutes EP with an exclusiv DigiPak packaging and beautiful booklet. The quality of the songs is guaranteed by guest musicians like Dark Suns, Neun Welten, Grabak and more. Be prepared for an unexpected piece of music !
An exclusive prelistening will be available soon.
You may preorder the album |here|.

30.04.2008 - AGRYPNIE: Exclusiv pre-listening on
You may now get the first impressions for AGRYPNIEs Exit album on There will be a new sample each week, so keep visiting the site for a full exclusive album preview !

16.04.2008 - SUBCONSCIOUS: Cover Artwork
SUBCONSCIOUS have revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "All Things Are Equal In Death". This piece of highly progressive death metal will hit the streets on August, 8th 2008 and will blow your mind with its complex structures embedded in 10 great songs. Guest musicians are Victor Smolski, Philip Dürr. und Rüdiger Fleck. You may pre order the album |here|.

04.04.2008 - SCR: New event scheduled
On 11th of April we will have ZEROSCAPE from Canada and BABYLON PRESSION from France as guest bands for our concert series "CHAOS METAL NIGHTS". Both bands play a mix of Crossover and Hardcore - definitively interesting music. Local support will be AOD. Check out the event homepage (click on the name above) !

10.02.2008 - SUBCONSCIOUS: New song posted online
SUBCONSCIOUS have posted a rehearsal preview for their upcoming album entitled "All things are equal in death" which is currently recorded in the Bi-acoustics studios.
Check out the song at the bands myspace site !

06.02.2008 - SCR: CD-Release Subterfuge Carver
For the release of SUBTERFUGE CARVER's "Deathcore" album there will be some rleease parties. Check out these dates:
08.02.2008 - Stuttgart, Club Zentral (incl. live show !)
08.02.2008 - Berlin, Knaak Klub
09.02.2008 - Stuttgart, Club Prag (Bleeding Nose)
23.02.2008 - München, Backstage

29.12.2007 - AGRYPNIE: Announced for Summer Breeze 2008
We are happy to announce that AGRYPNIE will perform on Summer Breeze Open Air 2008 along with huge acts like Paradise Lost, Exodus or Ensiferum !
So be there and catch the band at the signing sessions !

11.12.2007 - SCR: Mailorder extended
We are continuously extending our mailorder catalogue at the moment. Please keep visiting the site and check the new items from time to time.

If you are missing any items - PLEASE ASK - we will try to get it for you !

06.12.2007 - SUBTERFUGE CARVER release postponed
Due to delays with the artwork, the debut album of SUBTERFUGE CARVER has to be postponed. "Deathcore" will be unleashed 8th of February 2008. Meanwhile all preparations for the release were made and be sure to expect a powerful, sick and heavy album.
Check their myspace page for more first samples !
Pre-order the album in the SCR Shop ! The first 50 copies come along with additional limited poster !

21.11.2007 - SCR Mailorder: Lower shipping and handling fees
We have lowered the shipping and handling fees for Germany.
Within Germany you can now order for 4 Euros insured shipping, post payment is available for 8 Euros.

08.11.2007 - SUBTERFUGE CARVER: Video - first excerpt
SUBTERFUGE CARVER have published a first excerpt from the brand new video for "Ruined" and for the upcoming album "Deathcore" on their MySpace page. Subterfuge Carver MySpace

05.11.2007 - Subterfuge Carver - Deathcore Details
SUBTERFUGE CARVER have finished finished the mix for "Deathcore" at Andy Classens Stage One Studio. The band combines pure death metal power with modern influences.
The album will be released 14th of December 2007.
We will put up some video sequences soon as well as some samples.

02.10.2007 - SCR presents: Metallic Noise Festival 2007
The METALLIC NOISE FESTIVAL will finally happen in 2007 as well. We are presenting the festival like every year. It will take part in the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg (Ger) on 16th of December. The billing:
You may order tickets here: MNF Shop

06.09.2007 - KARKADAN - latest album nearly sold out
The current KARKADAN album "Utmost Schizophrenia" is almost sold out !

Get your hands on one of the last copies now ! Comes along with sticker !

22.08.2007 - New signing: SUBTERFUGE CARVER
We are proud to announce a new signing - SUBTERFUGE CARVER (check out their MySpace-page).
These guys combine sheer death metal power with modern influences and call the result "Deathcore". This will be also the name of the debut album which will be released December 2007.

25.07.2007 - Guest appearance of KARKADAN vocalist
KARKADAN vocalist Robby will team up with The Exorial for this weekend's ZABBADUSCHDER open air festival.
This may not be the only show where Robby will front this German death metal band.

Check out their music at

01.07.2007 - New concert series CHAOS METAL NIGHTS
We will put up a concert series called CHAOS METAL NIGHTS which will happen monthly in Stuttgart / Club Zentral. Stay tuned for more infos.

28.06.2007 - AGRYPNIE line-up complete
The AGRYPNIE line up is now complete. As the band is now able to perform live, soon there will be the first dates announced !

Check out a photo of the full line up here:

27.04.2007 - SCR: New in stock !
Besides of a lot of new articles from other bands we have NOCTE OBDUCTA logo buttons back in stock as well as there are new AGRYPNIE F51.4 buttons available.

17.04.2007 - AGRYPNIE - looking for musicians
As Nocte Obducta singer Torsten wants to get on stage with his AGRYPNIE project, he is currently looking for musicians. He is still in need of two guitar players and a drummer.

Find more details on the AGRYPNIE homepage.

11.04.2007 - SCR: Nocte Obducta Galgendämmerung
We have some copies of Nocte Obducta's Galgendämmerung available. Be fast !

29.03.2007 - SCR: no shipping 31st of March till 8th of April
There will be no shipping from 31st of March until 8th of April because I will be on tour with my own band KARKADAN during this time.

27.03.2007 - SCR: Karkadan Tour Shirts available
Right before the tour we can offer you new KARKADAN T-Shirts and Girlie Shirts.
Take a look at the shop and do not hesitate to order your copy.

26.03.2007 - SCR: New adress
We have moved again.

Please notice our new contact data !

15.03.2007 - SCR: Nocte Obducta Nektar 2 back on stock
Finally, NOCTE OBDUCTA's masterpiece "Nektar Teil 2" is back on stock again.
Order now !

12.03.2007 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA - Lethe re-Release back on stock
We have only 50 copies of the NOCTE OBDUCTA - Lethe Re-release on stock. These are the last copies we are going to offer - so be fast !
Also back in stock: the last 20 copies of the AGRYPNIE / FATED split album !

27.02.2007 - SCR: Finally pending products arrived
Finally the two awaited products (AGRYPNIE shirts and NOCTE OBDUCTA - Lethe DCD) have arrived and are ready to ship.

All pending orders will be shipped as soon as possible.

The new edition of NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar 2 will be ready to ship Beginning / Mid of March 2007. Meanwhile the album is not available any more.

22.02.2007 - Lieferzeiten / Incoming of new products
The Lethe Rerelease of NOCTE OBDUCTA will arrive latest 1st of March and so will the AGRYPNIE merchandise.

So stay tuned and preorder !

14.02.2007 - SCR: Nocte Obducta, Agrypnie news
NOCTE OBDUCTA will reissue their first album "Lethe" on double CD including their rare demo "...und lächeln die blutleeren Lippen" on 23.02.2007. The CD box includes 2 booklets and is limited to 500 copies ! BE FAST !

Unfortunately the AGRYPNIE shirts are still not finished. Hopefully they will arrive the next days. We will keep you informed !

28.01.2007 - SCR: Shop problems solved
We had some shop problems due to an updates concerning the shipping prices.

Meanwhile we are working on a completely new shop which will also have the prices adjusted concerning the VAT change for Germany in 2007.

So order right now to get hold of the cheap prices !

07.01.2007 - Agrypnie Shirts delayed
The Agrypnie F51.4 Shirts will be unleashed and delivered at the end of January 2007.

29.11.2006 - SCR Mailorder: Search function
We have added a possibility to search our shop.

Recently we put a huge black / death metal CD sortiment online which is offered for very special prices. Just be shure to check it out and place your order !

18.10.2006 - SCR: Vinyl releases available
Finally, the GUT and CRISIS NEVER ENDS vinyl have arrived. The manufacturer needed unbelievable 3 months to get these productions ready.
All open orders will be send out the next days.

01.09.2006 - SCR: Holidays
We are out of office from 2nd of September until 16th of September 2006 !
For important promotional issues please contact Benny (, +49 (0) 174 /2669279) !
For really important issues call ++49 (0) 178 / 8363494 !

14.08.2006 - SCR: Agrypnie online single
You can now download a free online single at for the upcoming AGRYPNIE album "F51.4" until the album release date on 29. of September 2006.
Preorder it here: DigiPak, CD

04.08.2006 - SCR: AGYPNIE Vorbestellungen
AGRYPNIE preorders will be sent out as fast as possible (starting at 9th of August). Please be patient. Of course we were not able to manufacture the CD before announcing a new distribution partner.

24.07.2006 - Mailorder: Moving office causes delay
Because we are currently moving our mailorder office there might be some delays concerning recently placed orders. But with the new office we will be able to guarantee an even faster processing of your orders.

20.07.2006 - SCR: New release dates
Because of changes of our distribution partners we have to set new release dates for our upcoming releases:
11.08.2006 CRISIS NEVER ENDS - A Heartbeat Away 12"
11.08.2006 GUT - Pimps of Gore 7"
08.09.2006 AGRYPNIE - F51.4

20.07.2006 - SCR: New distributor
We want to announce our future distributor for the Territories Germany / Austria / Switzerland: Soulfood Music. The first release which will benefit from this cooperation will be AGRYPNIE's F51.4.

19.06.2006 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA are dead
NOCTE OBDUCTA have declared their split up ! The band has finally felt that it is time to no longer continue the work under the name NOCTE OBDUCTA. Their last album "Sequenzen einer Wanderung" will be out Winter 2006/2007 on Supreme Chaos Records. The band will enter Maranis Studios at the end of the month.
One of the most innovative metal bands invites you to accompany them on their last journey. Thank you guys for the cooperation the last years !

18.06.2006 - SCR: Break up with distribution partner, delays
We have parted ways with our long year distribution partner Twilight Vertrieb. On this way we would like to thank them for the successful work we put up together and wish them all the best for the future.
As a consequence, unfortunately several releases will be delayed. The affected releases are AGRYPNIE - F51.4 CD, CRISIS NEVER ENDS - A Heartbeat Away 12" und GUT - Pimps of Gore 7" (vinyl version only). We hope for your understanding. All customers will be informed separately.
We will keep you up to date and will announce news as soon as possible !

15.06.2006 - Metallic Noise Festival News
Metallic Noise Festival news:

25.04.2006 - SCR: AGRYPNIE & GUT samples online
Sample for AGRYPNIE "F51.4" due 16.06.2006 is online now. Check |here|

Sample for GUT "Pimps of Gore" due 19.05.2006 is online now. Check |here|

09.04.2006 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA shirts will be shipped soon
Finally after a long wait, the NOCTE OBDUCTA "Aschefrühling" shirts will be shipped and are available. Get your copy now |here|.

Available as Girlie, Hooded Sweatshirt and Longsleeve as well !

27.03.2006 - SCR: New Release - Aschefrühling Shirts delayed
SCR will be issuing the vinyl version of "A Heartbeat Away", the long awaited new full length album of CRISIS NEVER ENDS. Check out details |here|.

Unfortunately NOCTE OBDUCTA's "Aschefrühling" shirts have been delayed but will be shipped soon. Thank you for your patience.

16.02.2006 - SCR: GUT "Pimps of Gore" Mini
GUT will release an EP entitled "Pimps of Gore" which will hit the streets as CD version on 12th of May 2006 with a bonus track (llimited to 999 copies). [preorder]
The vinyl version will be finished 19th of May 2006 (limited to 555 copies). [preorder]

16.02.2006 - SCR: COCKROACH finish studio work
The Southern German four piece COCKROACH have finished artwork and studio work for their upcoming forth full length release "The Observer".
All tracks were recorded in the Maranis Studios (e.g. NOCTE OBDUCTA), all artwork was done by Katja Piolka (e.g. PRIMAL FEAR, AGATHODAIMON). So expect a high quality modern thrash metal release !
The album will be released 14.4.2006 - see [here] for more details and preorder.

16.02.2006 - SCR: SUBCONSCIOUS release 3.3.2006
German progressive thrash / death metallers SUBCONSCIOUS have revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming label debut "Irregular" due to hit the streets on 3.3.2006, a complex album with approx. 45 minutes playtime.
See details for the album [here].

23.01.2006 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA Shirts, AGRYPNIE release date
NOCTE OBDUCTA's "Aschefrühling" shirts will be available in mid of February with totally new design wich will be revealed soon !

The release of AGRYPNIE's debut "F51.4", the solo project of NOCTE OBDUCTA singer Torsten "der Unhold" is set to 16.06.06 !

23.01.2006 - SCR: New release from G.U.T. announced
Porngrind pioneers G.U.T. will release an EP through Supreme Chaos Records. The working title is "Public Animal No. 1" and will be released on vinyl (limited to 555 copies - 12.05.2006) and CD (limited to 999 copies - 19.05.2006). Be sure to preorder it !

SUBCONSCIOUS have revealed the cover artwork for the upcoming debut album "Irregular" due 3rd of March - you can find the artwork |here|.

The delayed NOCTE OBDUCTA "Aschefrühling" singles are currently will be shipped the next days. Most of the preorders were already sent. Get one of the 1500 copies |here|.

07.12.2005 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA - Aschefrühling delayed
Due to delays concerning the artwork for the upcoming NOCTE OBDUCTA single "Aschefrühling" all shippments are delayed. The CDs are currently about to be manufactured and will be sent out as soon as they are finished !

We have received the final stocks of NOCTE OBDUCTA's "Schwarzmetall" double vinyl release from our distributor - so be quick or be dead and get a copy !

21.11.2005 - Mailorder: NOCTE OBDUCTA Taverne + Shirt available
NOCTE OBDUCTA "Taverne (In Schatten schäbiger Spelunken" available again as well as the corresponding shirt "Totgeburt". Get one of the last copies NOW !

11.11.2005 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA single
After receiving high demand for the track "Aschefrühling" which was published only on the vinyl version of "Stille" we decided to release this track as a CD single with a new mix of "Vorbei".
So here it is, a two track single with a special artwork, limited to certified numbered 1500 copies.
Get this collectors item now !


Will be released on 6th of December 2005 !
|Preorder here|

10.11.2005 - SCR: SUBCONSCIOUS - Irregular CD delayed
Due to continueing studio work the debut album of SUBCONSCIOUS (techn. death / thrash metal) entitled "Irregular" will be delayed. The release date is set to 3rd of March 2006.

07.11.2005 - SCR: AGRYPNIE album title announced
The title for the first AGRYPNIE full length will be "F51.4". You can already see a cover preview in our releases section. The album from NOCTE OBDUCTA singer Torsten "Der Unhold" will be released Friday, May 12th 2006. |more...|

28.10.2005 - MAILORDER: New shop feature
Before changing our shop system we added a little nice feature to the current shop system - we added a stock indicator for each item - so you can see if there is still enough copies available.

= Temporarily out of stock - item will be available soon
= Single copy - be fast !
= Sold out soon !
= Available

28.10.2005 - MAILORDER: Post payment shop bug fixed
Problem with German post payment ordering. The shop had some bug - it was fixed now.

19.10.2005 - SCR: Tourdates added
Full and new gig dates added to the tour dates section - stay up to date with visiting it regularely.

Check us out on MySpace: |link to SCR MySpace Page|

14.10.2005 - MAILORDER: Stocktaking / faster delivery
Do not wonder if there is only SCR stuff in the shop for a short time, we are currently doing a stocktaking to serve you even faster.

13.10.2005 - MAILORDER: New post payment for Germany
Finally post payment is available for Germany:
9.90 EUR including shipping costs below 50 EUR order value.
5.90 EUR for post payment above 50 EUR order value.

Above 50 EUR shipping is for free (absolutely no costs if you order with advance payment) !

03.10.2005 - Mailorder
Massive Mailorder Update ! Check out the new stuff: |Mailorder News|

NEW ! When you order for 50 EUR or more, shipping is for free !

29.09.2005 - Mailorder: NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar Package
There is a special NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar package available in our shop. It is including both Nektar masterpieces and the Nektar Shirt. Get it now for only 34,90 EUR ! Click here: |link|
This package will be available until the end of 2005 or until all Nektar T-Shirts are sold out.

20.09.2005 - Mailorder: Metallic Noise Shirts available
You can buy now the last copies of the official METALLIC NOISE FESTIVAL 2005 T-Shirts / Girlies and get a free poster. Buy now for 10 Euros only !

16.09.2005 - SCR: All releases available in music download stores
All releases are avialble at pay-for-download plattforms now. You may now buy our releases as digital version in the following online stores:

15.09.2005 - SCR: Nocte Obducta Longsleeves finally arrived
NOCTE OBDUCTA Longsleeves are finally available for a nice price. All open orders will be shipped as soon as possible.

30.08.2005 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA longsleeves delayed !
The NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar longsleeves were delayed, T-Shirts are available. We expect to receive the longsleeves the next days.

25.08.2005 - MNF: Last ticket orders
The last ticket orders for the METALLIC NOISE FESTIVAL 2005 |homepage| can be placed until Tuesday, 30th of August 2005.

22.08.2005 - MNF: Metallic Noise Festival Tickets
Be quick or be dead: get one of the last Metallic Noise Festival Tickets / Packages in the presales !!!!! Now also with additional poster !

15.08.2005 - SCR: NOCTE OBDUCTA performance on Summer Breeze Open Air
NOCTE OBDUCTA will perform on Summer Breeze Open Air Friday, 19th of August 2005 at 13:55-14:30 on Painstage. There will be also a meet and greet at the / point at 16:00-17:00.

10.08.2005 - SCR: Nocte Obducta - Nektar T-Shirts available
There are new NOCTE OBDUCTA shirts / longsleeves / girlies avaiable for the double opus "Nektar". Check them out in the releases section.
Besides we have added FALLEN YGGDRASIL shirts.

04.08.2005 - SCR: Release date set for SUBCONSCIOUS
The SUBCONSCIOUS debut album "Irregular" will be unleashed 12.12.2005 ! You can now listen to a preview [link] in our releases section and order the advance demo "Mankind Killing Machine" (from which the MP3 is taken) [link] ! Expect technical Thrash / Death Metal in the vein of DEATH !

02.08.2005 - MNF: Metallic Noise Festival Running Order
The running order [link] for the Metallic Noise Fest 2005 is confirmed and a few bands joined. Headliners will be GRAVEWORM on Friday and PUNGENT STENCH with an old school show on Saturday. Get your tickets now !

21.07.2005 - SCR: Nocte Obducta - Nektar 2 first print sold out
The first print run of NOCTE OBDUCTA's Nektar Teil 2 was sold out. A reissue is right on it's way. We have only a low quanitity of the first print on stock for our mailorder. Dealers will have to wait for the reissue which will be ready next week.

19.07.2005 - MAILORDER: Back to work
We have reactivated our shop. Place your orders now !

12.07.2005 - SCR: No internet access
We have currently absolutely NO internet access. Please be patient with replies until we have news concerning that issue.

08.07.2005 - SCR: Label catalogue free for ordering
We will put the full SCR label catalouge and related back online for ordering the next days. All other shop items will be deleted.

07.07.2005 - SCR: Shop / Mailorder out of order
Due to personal reasons and the growing work I had to take down the shop and stop any mailorder activities. Alle remaining orders / refunds etc. will be processed. As a single person I am simply not able to handle all mailorder activities with the increasing technical problems lately becuase my usual job is taking time, too, along with my band / the organisation of the Metallic Noise Festival. See you on the road !

06.07.2005 - SCR: Internet troubles
Seems like computers want to start a fight. We have no possibility to access internet at the moment, so all replies and orders will be delayed, sorry.

04.07.2005 - SCR: Data and Mails missing
Unfortunately more data was lost than expected first and we ask you to send us your last mails and inquiries. We are sorry for any trouble and hope you can help us !

30.06.2005 - SCR: Heavy technical problems
Due to a crash (CPU fan hat troubles and therfor summer heat destroyed the CPU) of our main file server we have delays with replying emails and sending out orders, sorry. Stay tuned for more info !

27.06.2005 - MAILORDER: CD Jewelcases / Vinyl Jackets
From now on we offer you also vinyl jackets for your rarities as well as CD jewelcases in differenz sizes / configuration - check it out - we do offer them for really cheap prices !

26.06.2005 - MAILORDER: Black Metal / MASSEMORD Special !
We have different releases from the Norwegian black metal band MASSEMORD for 9,90 EUR only including the latest release "12 years of mass murders" !

20.06.2005 - SHOP: Delays because of MNF Orga
We are currently working hard for the organization of the Metallic Noise Festival 2005 and therefor orders may be delayed. Please be patient.

19.05.2005 - MNF: Disillusion & Lifthrasil
New bands confirmed for Metallic Noise Festival 2005:
DISILLUSION - prog. metal - [homepage]
LIFTHRASIL - mel. black metal - [homepage]

The advance sales at SCR are starting now. EXCLUSIVELY at SCR you get the festival package withticket and shirt !

15.05.2005 - MNF Billing updated / Apophis OUT NOW !
APOPHIS - I Am Your Blindness CD is OUT NOW ! Order for 9,90 EUR only ! Presskit available !

The PUNGENT STENCH sickos joined Metallic Noise Festival 2005 and will perform a special old school show ! Also the MNF Homepage was redesigned ! See flyer on the right !

04.04.2005 - Vergünstigter Versand / Cheaper shipping
We just adjusted the shipping costs for Germany. Up to 2 articles can be ordered with 1,90 EUR packaging and shipping !
So preorder NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar Teil 2 and APOPHIS - I Am Your Blindness !
Please also keep in mind the upcoming release parties:
30.04.2005 NOCTE OBDUCTA - Darmstadt, Goldene Krone
04.05.2005 APOPHIS - Aalen, Rock-It

01.04.2005 - Neue Tourdaten / New live dates, News Archive
We recently added a really huge bunch of live dates to the site. Check them out !

Because we are updating our news more frequently now, we also installed a news archive (link on the left of "News" on the news site) where you can have a look at all news that ever happened.

30.03.2005 - APOPHIS: MP3 Sample
Finally the MP3 sample for the come back album "I Am Your Blindness" of Germany's longest active death metal act APOPHIS is online ! Check it now here !
The record will hit the stors on 9th of May !

28.03.2005 - RSS-Feeder online !
Like some of you might have noticed, we added a new feature to the site. You can now use the RSS feeder to be always up to date. You may need an additional program (search the web for RSS Feed Reader) to use this feature. Firefox will automatically notice this feature !

16.03.2005 - Neue Booking Agentur / New booking agency
We have a new booking partner. For any booking issues concerning NOCTE OBDUCTA, BEHIND THE SCENERY, BLOOD RED ANGEL or KARKADAN please contact Black Earth Promotion. Contact details can be also find in the CONTACT section.

13.03.2005 - Location für das Metallic Noise Festival 2005 / Location for Metallic Noise 2005
The location for Metallic Noise Festival Part V (2.+ 3.09.2005) will be Sutsche / Altes Schützenhaus Stuttgart (http://www.altes-schuetzenhaus). First bands will be announced soon - be prepared !

06.03.2005 - Neue Releases: APOPHIS und NOCTE OBDUCTA / New Releases: APOPHIS and NOCTE OBDUCTA
A new release is to be announced.
On May 5th 2005 APOPHIS "I am your Blindness" will hit the streets. Expect death metal at it's best for a very special price ! Check the MP3 sample !

The final release date for NOCTE OBDUCTA's "Nektar - Teil 2 (Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher)" is set to April 25th 2005 now. It will be the new reference in avantgardistic black metal ! Check the MP3 sample !

22.01.2005 - Günstigere Preise ! / Cheaper prices !
Fucking lots of cheapos ! We want to switch to the new mailorder system the next weeks so we offer you all stuff for special prices ! On the right side of the news section you will from now on find new cheap items every week !

19.01.2005 - MAILORDER: On the road
At the following events you can buy stuff of the SCR mailorder:

02.04.2005 Pforzheim, Rockstüble - Baden Metal Festival
29.+30.07.2005 Urbach, Zabbaduschder
02.+03.09.2005 Stuttgart, Metallic Noise Festival
15.10.2005 Giebelstadt, Night of Power

18.01.2005 - FALLEN YGGDRASIL und KARKDAN suchen Musiker / looking for musicians
FALLEN YGGDRASIL are currently looking for a new second guitar player. If you are interested you should contact the band at

KARKADAN, band of Supreme Chaos Records head Robby Beyer, have parted ways with their drummer and are now looking for a replacement. Contact for KARKADAN is

02.12.2004 - NOCTE OBDUCTA: Suche nach Bassisten / looking for bass player
NOCTE OBDUCTA are still in massive need of guitar and bass player. Contact

23.11.2004 - BEHIND THE SCENERY: Erste Reaktionen / First Reactions
There are the first reactions for the upcoming third BEHIND THE SCENERY album "Rétroviseur", including German Metal Heart which rated the album phantastic 8,5/10 points.
Also there is a new review of FALLEN YGGDRASIL "Building up a ruin to come" online in German. Metal Dungeon rated the album 10 out of 10 !

21.11.2004 -
Bass player Martin and guitar player Thomas left the NOCTE OBDUCTA camp and the band is now looking for new musicians. If you are interested please contact the band directly at

NOCTE OBDUCTA's second part of the masterpiece "Nektar" will be delayed and therefor the release date was changed to 2nd of February 2005 (2.2.2005). Remember that date !

31.10.2004 -
Big mailorder update once again and even more to follow !
Our new mailorder will be named ENTROPY MAILORDER and will be available at !
The work continues...

25.10.2004 -
CD packs of our releases available for a nice price ! Save money now and order them including postage for 20 Euros only !!!!!

For available packages see below !

Only available for a short time !

24.09.2004 -
Again a signing of a genious band:
BEHIND THE SCENERY joined Supreme Chaos Records after two records on GSM / Nuclear Blast.
The third album "Rétroviseur" will be released on 13th of December 2004. More details (MP3 etc.) can be found in our releases section.

16.09.2004 -
Massive mailorder update !!!
More than 1000 items available !

As you can see we need to put up the mailorder section on a separate website to present its contents properly.

14.09.2004 -
Part 1 of the huge mailorder update. A separate mailorder page is planned !

08.09.2004 -
Release date of the second part of NOCTE OBDUCTA's masterpiece "Nektar" is announced:
it will be 10th of January in 2005.
So this will be the first must-have record in 2005 !

06.09.2004 -
After the awsome news that Fallen Yggdrasil will support Dismember and Benediction here is the next: SANGUIS will support DISSECTION on their two live appearances in Austria !

29.08.2004 -
Fallen Yggdrasil confirmed tour with DISMEMBER and gig with BENEDICTION ! See tourdates !!!

26.08.2004 -
Three out of the next orders will receive a free legacy magazine !

02.08.2004 -

NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar Teil I: Zwölf Monde, eine Handvoll Träume CD
(Avantgarde Black Metal)

26.07.2004 -
LIFTHRASIL - Vor dem Sturm CD (Black Metal / German Lyrics)
FALLEN YGGDRASIL - Building up a ruin to come CD (Death Metal)

21.07.2004 -
We are proud to announce another signing:
SONIC REIGN play modern, insane and cold black metal.
Visit their page here:

Release of the first album "The Decline Portrait" will be 27th of September 2004.

21.07.2004 -
Back in stock:
KARKADAN - Chaos Crew T-Shirt
KARKADAN - Logo Girlie

15.07.2004 -
SANGUIS - Infernum Infinitum shirts available now !
SANGUIS - Logo girlies available now !

Reviews available for our releases now ! Check it out - always up to date !!

05.07.2004 -
The ZORN / GRALYSNING split is now available. All pending orders will be sent out today.

30.06.2004 -
Preordering of releases is available now in the releases section !

You may order the next Nocte Obducta album including sticker for 11,90 EUR only !

24.06.2004 -
You will get two compilations (HOT METAL and GRIM Compilation) for free for every festival ticket (both days, 15 EUR) ordered in advance via online shop.
Also for free with this ticket: One day free entry for the famous Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg ! There will be 100 litres of free beer ! Camping & Parking !

The tickets are limited ! So be fast !

15.06.2004 -
The first FALLEN YGGDRASIL album is to come soon ! Check the releases section for MP3 and more infos.

Also the SANGUIS cover is finally visible in the finished version.

07.06.2004 -
An error in the shop section was corrected.

MP3 preview for NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar Teil I online !!! See releases sections !

04.06.2004 -
A new band joined the forces of chaos - Lifthrasil from Germany, their debut will be released 28th of June already ! Check out the MP3 in the releases section !

Monday will be the day ! A MP3 for the first part of the Nocte Obducta two-piece will be online !

03.06.2004 -
From now on mailorder news can be viewed with the link below.
We changed our shop and hope you like the improvement !

A new MP3 is online - a preview for the upcoming SANGUIS CD ! Check it out in the releases section !

02.06.2004 -
Again, we have to raise the postage costs due to increments of our delivery service. Good news is that outside Germany costs are lower than before.
Besides we changed the shop prices in general - vinyl is much cheaper now !

18.05.2004 -
Festival tickets for Metallic Noise Festival Part IV ( now available. First 100 orders will get the HOT METAL compilation for free (11 bands, 16 pages booklet) - so be fast !

17.05.2004 -

BLOOD RED ANGEL - Crime Entertainment CD
KARKADAN - Utmost Schizophrenia CD + Video

16.05.2004 -
After the server has been offline for several weeks we are finally back and even stronger. We have changed the server as well as our location which is now Ditzingen / Germany. Please notice our updated contact information.

14.04.2004 -
ASMODEUS-Phalanx Inferna LP
NOCTE OBDUCTA-Schwarzmetall DLP (almost sold out !!!)
MONDWOLF-Endsieg 666 CD

All pending orders will be sent this week !

02.04.2004 -
SCR is now also available via TERROR.NET - just better to keep in mind !

24.03.2004 -
The Metallic Noise Festival 2004 will finally happen. Find more infos here:

15.03.2004 -
New: MAYHEM-Live in Leipzig (Digipack), OTARGOS-Codex 666 (MCD), AXIS OF PERDITION-The Inchneumon Method (CD), CASKETGARDEN-This Corroded Soul of Mine (CD), GALADRIEL-World under World (CD), SUHRIM-Old Scars, Fresh Wound (MCD/DVD), SINNERS BLEED-From Womb to Womb (CD)
Restock: KATATONIA-Brave Murder Day (CD), SHINING-III (CD)

14.03.2004 -
A platform to offer a whole-in-one-package for bands is now online (German only):

12.03.2004 -
New: AUTOPSY TORMENT-Tormentorium (CD), OCCULT-Rage to Revenge (Digipack), GOSPEL OF THE HORNS - A call to arms (CD), SEPTIC FLESH-Forgotten Paths (Digipack), AKERCOCKE-The Rape of the Bastard Nazarene (CD), ASTARTE-Quod superius, sicut inferius (CD), ACHERON-Tribut to the Devil's Music (CD), BLUT AUS NORD-The Mystical Beast of Rebellion (CD), MENHIR-Buchonia/Die ewigen Steine/Thuringia (CD)
Restock: JUDAS ISCARIOT-Thy Dying Light (CD), NECROPHAGIST-Onset of Putrefaction (CD)

29.02.2004 -
The ZORN/BATTLEHORNS split is sold out finally.
We recommend the BATTLEHORNS gatefold LP (contains one of the split single songs) and ZORN Menschenfeind double 10" !

28.02.2004 -
Restock: AKERBELTZ - Akerhell (CD), BEHEMOTH - Grom (CD), HELEIM - Jormundgard (CD), WYRD - Vargtimmen (CD)
Neu: HIN ONDE - Shades of Solstice (CD), ISVIND - Dark Waters Stir (CD), NOCTERNITY - Onyx (CD), PERISHED - Kark (CD), WYRD - Heathen (CD)

16.02.2004 -
Now in stock: MORRIGAN - Celts (CD)

09.02.2004 -
New special offer ! Order one of the following compilations now:
HOT METAL Compilation Vol. 1
G.R.U.N.Z. Compilation Vol. 3
VATES NOCTIS Compilation Vol. 1


+ SANGUIS "Chaosgate Guardians" missprinted CD for free
+ Stickers for free

06.02.2004 -
The reprinted NOCTE OBDUCTA longsleeves and girlie shirts arrived today as well as the missing Hot Metal compilations. All orders that were waiting for these items will be delivered on Monday.

02.02.2004 -
The first HELLKULT Produktion vinyl release is available now:
KULT-01 BATTLEHORNS gatefold LP, ltd. 300 - more than the half are gone already - so be fast !

29.01.2004 -
BLOOD RED ANGEL cover online for the upcoming album "Crime Entertainment"
LORD BELIAL - Scythe of Death MCD
LORD BELIAL - Purify Sweden Pic7"

28.01.2004 -
Right from the factory:
VAGINAL INCEST-Rock out with the Cock out 7"

22.01.2004 -
At the moment Nocte Obducta-Herbstlaub longsleeves and girlies are sold out as well as Shining-III. Please be patient with your remaining orders because they may delay.

20.01.2004 -
New stuff: CELTIC FROST-Logo TS, THE WOUNDED-The Art of Grief CD, NECROMANTIA-IV Malice CD/Covering evil CD, RIGER-Des Blutes Stimme CD/Hamingja CD, OPETH-Orchid DLP/Morningrise DLP/My Arms, your hears DLP, ULVER-Nattens Madrigal LP, THYRFING-Vansinnesvisor LP, AUTOPSY TORMENT-Tormentorium LP, SETHERIAL-From the ancient ruins LP

14.01.2004 -
Latest arrivals: NACHTFALKE-Land of Frost (CD), GRAVELAND-Memory and Destiny (A5Digi), EISREGEN-Farbenfinsternis (Digipack), ILLDISPOSED-Kokaiinum (CD), SICKENING GORE-Destructive Reality (CD), KHISANTH - Forseen Storms of the Apocalypse (CD), DISGORGE-She lay gutted (PicLP), DYING FETUS-Destroy the Oppositon (PicLP), DEEDS OF FLESH-Path of the Weakening (PicLP), BEHEMOTH-Pandemonic Incantation (PicLP)
Some of them are single pieces - so be fast !

09.01.2004 -
First preview MP3 for the upcoming KARKADAN album "Utmost Schizophrenia" is online.

06.01.2004 -
Re-stock: Aaskereia CD, Trimonium-Of Warriors and Heroism CD
New: Trimonium-Blow The Horns CD/DLP, Skyforger-Thunderforge CD/LP/LS
Online: Blood Red Angel Info

31.12.2003 -
The vinyl releases for January will be delayed till February because of New Years Eve and X-Mas holidays of the factory. Furthermore the vinyl version of the Darkspace debut which was meant to be released under HELLKULT Produktion will be cancelled because it was the wish of the band.

12.12.2003 -
Special prices for Julfest !
Buy 5 items or more and get one CD of your choice for free !!!
Order now !
Only till 7th of January 2004 !

11.12.2003 -
New mailorder update with arrivals of:
1349, Asmodeus, Asterius, Behemoth, Besatt, Carpathian Forest, Cryptopsy, Dark Suns, Dies Irae, Endstille, God Dethroned, Impending Doom, Kult Ov Azazel, Mactätus, Malevolent Creation, Judas Iscariot, Katatonia, Mephistopheles, Necrophagist, Ninnghizhidda, Nocturnus, Sargeist, Svartsyn, Taake, Vargsang and Zarathustra

10.12.2003 -
Big mailorder update !
New arrivels of:
Cock and Ball Torture, Damnable, Death Reality, Depression, Empaligon, Fleshgrind, Gonorrhoeaction, Haemorrhage, Kadath, Kult Ov Azazel, Maledictive Pigs, Profanity, Satan's Blood, Seirim and Tears of Decay.

03.12.2003 -
The HELLSAW shirts arrived today !

28.11.2003 -
New shop arrivals. See below.

26.11.2003 -
The HELLKULT Produktion website is online with the first version.

25.11.2003 -
New tourdates updated !

24.11.2003 -
The Rhine area thrashers BLOOD RED ANGEL from Germany joined the Chaos Crew for their third album "Crime Entertainment" which will be recorded in January 2004.

22.11.2003 -
The releases list has been updated. It is just some releases which are coming 2004.
Also there were some MP3s added to the shop.

20.11.2003 -
The shop is finished and open ! Please check all items !
There are still some missing MP3 samples, some missing descriptions and covers. They will be updated as soon as possible.
Please report any errors to us using the contact form. Thank you !

18.11.2003 -
New CDs were added to the shop list (see blow).
Shop is almost finished.

12.11.2003 -
The SCR supported ABMF 3 was cancelled and will happen in April 2004. Keep visiting the page to be up-to-date.
The shop is finally almost finished. Please be patient.

11.11.2003 -
HELLKULT Produktion will release one further vinyl release (Battlehorns / France, LP, ltd. 300) in cooperation with SCR. Then HELLKULT will join SCR as a sublabel.

06.11.2003 -
New items in stock (see below) !

04.11.2003 -
Important ! Please notice that our bank details have changed (see contact section) !

03.11.2003 -
The release date of KARKADAN's second full length album is announced. It will be the 8th of March 2004.

30.10.2003 - MAILORDER: Post payment shop bug fixed
Still, we are stocktaking to serve you even faster. But you can rely on the current indicators - everything displayed there to be on stock will be shipped immediatly !

27.10.2003 -
Finally the ZORN - Menschenfeind double 10"es arrived as well as the INHUMATE / VAGINAL INCEST split 7". As always with SCR releases everything comes along on heavy vinyl !

16.10.2003 -
There are news at last.
A new vinyl will be unleashed the next months, a NOCTE OBDUCTA double LP which will contain the Schwarzmetall album which is not available on CD anymore. The vinyl will come as Gatefold with a bonus track, limited to 500 copies.
Also the ZORN and INHUMATE / VAGINAL INCEST vinyl will arrive these days finally. Sorry for the fucking long delay.

08.10.2003 -
The ZORN LP changed to a double 10" and will arrive next week (final release date 13th of October). The same time, the INHUMATE / VAGINAL INCEST split 7" will arrive.
HELLSAW shirts will also arive the next weeks.

03.10.2003 -
KARKADAN are currently in the Maranis Studios and have finished half of the recordings for the new album "Uttermost Schizophrenia".

01.10.2003 -
SCR now started the work with Twilight Distribution who will do the world wide distribution for SCR, dealers please contact them for wholesale prices.
The Nocte Obducta Stille CD will be re-released because the first edition is almost sold out.

23.09.2003 -
Finally the LPs of SANGUIS, IN AETERNUM and NOCTE OBDUCTA arrived. Also there are NOCTE OBDUCTA stickers available now as well as the "Herbstlaub" shirts.
ZORN LPs and VAGINAL INCEST / INHUMATE split soon to come.

11.09.2003 -
There is sad news - the guitar player Ragnar left Sanguis a few days ago. Anyway the band is working on the next album.
Homepage update: Band biographies updated / translated to German.

03.09.2003 -
New tourdates !
The mail server has been down today because of an update with antivirus software.
Cockroach site is back online.

27.08.2003 -
There are only 10 (TEN !!!) singles of the Zorn/Battlehorns split left. Get the very last copies now !!!

26.08.2003 -
The new server is up but still things are not 100% functional. Please keep visiting for further information. Please be patient with e-mail replies. We have to set up the mail system new server. No mails will be lost.

05.08.2003 -
We will change the server the next days so do not worry when it is down for some short time - it will be much faster on the new server and will be much more stable.

29.07.2003 -
The NOCTE OBDUCTA shirts are ready and all paid shirt orders will be sent after our return from Wacken.

28.07.2003 -
The chaos crew is out of office at the following dates:
31.07. - 03.08.2003 (Wacken Open Air)
07.08. - 10.08.2003 (PartySan Open Air)
14.08. - 17.08.2003 (Metal Mania Slovenia)
21.08. - 24.08.2003 (Summer Breeze)
Please be patient about late answers during that time.

18.07.2003 -
The NOCTE OBDUCTA - Stille CDs will be available now. All ordered CDs will be send out the next days.
There will be Shirts unleashed soon:
NOCTE OBDUCTA Herbstlaub Shirt+Longsleeve
HELLSAW (Aut) Shirts
All Shirts limited to 50 pieces only.

04.07.2003 -
Unfortunately the Nocte Obducta CD "Stille" is delayed until next week because of various problems in the factory. All vinyl releases SCR-VL003 up to SCR-VL007 will be delayed until the end of the month. There will also be a new Nocte Obducta shirt available soon.

23.06.2003 -
The new page in German and English is currently under construction - come back to be informed.
Die neue Seite in Deutsch und Englisch wird im Moment erstellt - kommt wieder um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.

01.01.1970 -